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Road from Puerto to Sabang Photos

2005-12-11 21:13:00

Road from Puerto to Sabang Photos

These great children were piled up on what I think was rice, however not sure, this is taken from the window of my Jeepney. The Jeepney stops often along the road and picks up or drops off persons.

This boy with a Machete, wife, and child it appears got on the back of the Jeepney. He does not speak any English and none of the persons in the back agreed or disagreed when I said,

��Cock Fighting.�

I held up my hands showing a fight, and punched the air. They rather agreed, however like talking to boxes sometimes. Later a great and happy woman got on the Jeepney and talked up a storm, however the boy had already left.

This boy and the chicken are simple, nice, however it is slower life, much slower than my life, I am in about gear three and he is in gear one, or granny gear. The mind needs some exercise to go fast. There is no reason to think fast, however when you are around a person that is thinking fast, it is annoying. I am annoyed when I meet people from the USA, as they want to talk very fast. I am not accustomed to talking or thinking fast and they want to go very fast. I see no reason to go faster, so both need or could adjust.

There are these big limestone outcroppings along the road; this is some huts that probably live by growing rice on the flatlands below the large rocks that jut out into the sky. I thought this was a volcanic rock island before I came, however it a sandstone, or limestone broken earth crust island. You can see the strata of the rock as it points to the sky.