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Puerto Princesa Palawan

2005-12-14 20:22:00

Puerto Princesa Palawan
Thursday December 15, 2005, 6:47 AM

I am hoping it does not rain today; presently it does not look good. I miss Manila and wish to return, there were some people to talk with there. There are no clear solutions to a need for people.

I think about advice of opinions of people, saying a person is lucky if they have five close friends in their lives. I am not sure I agree I have had many friends and lost many friends along the way. There is this idea of loyalty involved in friendship, there is an idea of persons that are my friends will always be with me and not desert me.

A girl in the internet caf´┐Ż drilled me yesterday on questions, wanting to know who I am and where I am from, what I am doing, all the basic questions. She was very nice and very friendly, she has good intentions. We even talked about that as I was explaining some subtle ways of the English language. She said she was joking me, and I was trying to explain that it is better to say she is joking with me. However when listening to a person speak English who is not native, people naturally listen to their intentions. Her English though is getting so good she is going to be taken literal and this will cause a problem in the future.

She wishes to chat with me on yahoo messenger when I leave; she asked me if I did this, I said yes, because I am honest, however I do also not want to chat.

I am thinking about friendship.

I can find friends that wish to chat easy, how I find friends who wish to hang out with me and enjoy the day.

I heard an Acronym the other day.


I am probably not doing this correct, however it means.

What is in it for me?

I was comparing this to NIMBY.

Not in my back yard.

This is the opposite in a way; the city government in one of my home cities would say this about the people. They would vote or approve of anything that was not in their back yard. It is the garbage dump problem, everyone knows we need one; however, nobody will allow or say, it is fair when it is in their back yard.

Support of friends is about WIFM, what is in it for me.

The girl that wants to chat wants me to introduce her to a man in the USA for her to date or marry. So she is wanting something or the WIFM, on the other hand I am thinking WIFM. She has well intentions and does not see anything wrong about wanting this type of help. I do not think there is anything wrong, however she is young and full of energy.

Travel Friendships

Tourists are not looking for friendships, they only want to have some fun and have nobody know what they are doing.

Travelers find they need to hook or hang out with persons, travel friendships are usually casual friendships and do not mean much; there are some however that wish to be better friends.

I know the problem here for me, it is very common for me to have persons like that girl who want to chat with me and talk with me. I talk with anyone and everyone; therefore, I have many of these types of friends. However many of the persons I meet do not talk with anyone and everyone so this type of friendship is valuable. It is valuable to me also, however normal to have casual friendships.

Travel is great for the person who has no friends at home, you can find friends who want to talk with you just because you are from X country.

Oh well, it is time to go eat breakfast, send the toast back again to be toasted again, as I do daily, they do not learn from the past.

I am realizing if I stay closer to the hotels listed in the Lonely Planet, I would meet more people. The Philippines is a strange place, no tourist for the size, it is as if people are avoiding the place.