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Port Barton Rain

2005-12-11 21:28:00

Port Barton Rain
Sunday December 11, 2005, 6:21 AM

I am leaving or I hope to leave Port Barton today, I really do not have a choice, I wanted to stay for a few more days however the Jeepney is leaving. The Jeepneys are not leaving everyday and today most everyone in the Port is leaving. Therefore I am leaving with them to insure I am able to leave. I need to get on an airplane and do not want my life to be rushed. It is not possible to force my way to Puerto Princesa, I must somehow depend on a boat or a Jeepney or maybe a 4-wheel drive.

Up until about five minutes ago the rain was pouring down, it seems to have just stopped. The problem with the road is the rain, it has caused the road to have huge ruts. There are winches on the front of the Jeepneys to pull it out if needed, however any way you do it the road is having trouble. I guess the government has a half finished construction job on the road and it is no just mud.

Getting stranded is part of Island life, having to stay until the boat leave, the bus leave, or until the weather breaks is part of the deal. This is one reason it may be wise to travel the Philippines with a friend, it can be terribly lonely until the boat departs or there is a way to leave the remote place you are staying. Time is the next problem, how can you schedule when you must wait until there is a boat. I have the time, however most of the person in Port Barton do not have unlimited time.

They just turned off the lights, now I am on battery, I need to get packed and hope the jeepney is leaving. The amount of rain that was falling could have changed the plans and I could be here for another night.

I am going back to Puerto Princesa where my plane leaves on the 18th, I will go up or down the coast to more accessible beaches, if I can find a beach.