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Photo on Fridge Warning

2005-12-22 01:48:00

I do not put photos of myself on the site, however for my Mother and Father when I have a photos of myself sort of ok, I may send home to my parents, it make them happy, however I am not prone to sending photos to anyone.

However, I now know there is a possible problem, I arrive home and looked on the side of the fridge is a not so good photos of myself.

Aagh... a guy cannot win.

So for those of you that have one them Two Cats in the Yard, Life used to be so hard...
Two Car Garage, SUV, Mini-Van Families with the Homecoming Queens and Football Star, Basketball, flag wavers, blah blah blah, what the Europeans Hate about the USA families and what movies make look silly in Walt Disney and Bad New Bears, cartoons and such.....


I forgot, now it is there on the fridge, what can a guy do to get it removed?
Moms have executive powers.