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Philippino Power

2005-12-12 20:04:00

We got extremely stuck in the mud yesterday on the road from Port Barton, Palawan Island Philippines to the crossroad or good road that leads to Puerto Princesa.

Water Bufalo

These are a couple of water buffaloes waiting to do nothing. They were tied at the road posing as a pond like they were ready for work.

The young boys tried with a water buffalo, the first time the little wood harness thingy broke, so he left and came back with two water buffaloes. They tried to pull the truck backwards, while Kevin and me both kept trying to induce them to pull if forward. They finally got it moving backwards and farther into the rice field. Finally they decided to go forward, me and Kevin had dug a channel and at this point the water in the pond called a road was down about six inches.

I got them to slow down for a second and hold and I said loudly.
"Philippino Power!"

We had a long rope on the front of the 4 x 4 Toyota Truck and pulled it out with man powers, the Water Buffaloes seem to be of no value. I was cracking up as we finally was coming out of the water. There were still three girls in the truck that had not even ventures to leave the truck.

I was dwelling as I was trying to choose whether to leave by Jeepney or by 4x4, the Toyota truck is very small and probably with the effort of the 6 Passengers and the three borrowed boys we could have almost alway pulled the Toyota out of the mud. While with a Jeepney it could be impossible to remove, no matter how much we pulled. I was sort of annoyed, because I made a bad assumption that the Toyota has a wench on the front or on the truck. I just hopped in thinking it would be able to do the same ploys as the Jeepney.

In the end, even with the three girls in the truck we still were able to remove the vehicle from the mud. I am often amazed though at the wimpy attitudes of what we would see sometimes as primitive person, they are not primitive and they do not work as hard as we rather think. Life has become easier all the time for the world and presently there is a marked lessoning in physical labor. Instead they are overusing their fingers to text message on the cell phones.