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Philippines Airlines

Philippines Airlines
Wednesday December 21, 2005, 3:49 AM

Mabuhay is Hello in the Tagalog the more or less dominant language of the Manila, Philippines area of the Philippines.

As I leave the Islands of the Philippines, and as I leave any country there is this reflection of maybe the pros or cons of a the country. I am thinking, I have never had any normal person say Mabuhay to me or goodbye, the word “Sir” is used at astounding level. However a person can see the friendliness of Hospitality of a country. It may be an USA Army holdover with the ever present use of the word “Sir,” and for sure the “Hey Joe,” is a Army type phraseology. The Philippine is not high on the manners list, however the infrastructure has extreme modern parts to their culture mixed with extreme primitive. The manners are more on the primitive side, with a mix like they was all selling things to Army boys, or more or less anything they could sell.

I am on the Philippines Airlines airplane presently, the flight has went quickly because I watch three good movies and slept the remainder of the time. The food is not good, I am not fond of the Philippines food, something rice of something fish, nothing really good, although the bread in the country is very good. Most of the normal plates are not, however I am for sure not a garbage disposal eater.

I have a layover in Vancouver Canada, I did not know this until I got ready to board the plane, I do not care, however it is my first layover or stop in Vancouver ever, so sort of interesting. I do not enter the country so I just go out in a transit way and will I believe get back onto the same plane. Canada has set a new record for me though as the Immigration Card that I am looking at, however I do not have to complete is the longest I have ever seen. Now, I need to look at the USA one, I do not have to fill out a USA card, therefore it may be longer. However the Canadian country a very small country in population however a large noise in voice has an overabundance of noise.

Canada has about 30 Million people, comparable to the population of Australia, both very large land sizes however short on people. Canadians are more boisterous or in need of opening their mouths than the Australians.

The Philippines airline served me Fish and Rice or Sausage and Rice for breakfast. I could not eat either, I did try the sausage, however I am still trying to get the taste out of my mouth. Airlines food to me is great in the world, however I have a burr in my gullet over this Airlines, it give me a bad taste. I always get the feeling they are trying to scam me, however this is also a Philippines things.

Scam… hehehe
The Philippines people are gamblers, you can see 6-10 bums on corners and many casinos Gambling. It is everywhere, the biggest line in the mall I saw was for the lottery. Therefore the final destination of Las Vegas is interesting, I would say there is correlation between the city of Las Vegas and the Philippines. Culturally they are similar, I think this is a good time to insert a Photo of an old lady from the Friendly Guesthouse… hehehe

I could not stop myself...

This lady worked 40 years in Las Vegas, in her pajamas, smoking cigarrettes in the Hostel and watching cartoons, monopolozing the TV.

I am not 20, I do not like to watch MTV...
When I am in Europe and wanting to watch the news, or a movie, I have to say to myself, I am in a Hostel under duress, a Hostel is more or less for the young backpackers, not for some older aging hippie, with long opinions and ideas from a prior generation.

The world is changing always, it is not my right to dominate the world, on the other side I am not going to push and old lady away from the TV. Normally the problem is fighting for the TV with the Staff, this is annoying and the normal reason I leave a Hostel. When the staff is using the kitchen more than the guest, or the TV, then time to find a new place.

Hostile or Hostel, we move when life is not good.


Well.. Most Filipinos don't actually mean to offend you. But some do. :)

If your a foreigner and you come to a tourist spot like Boracay Island in the Philippines, you will find friendly yet persistent (really persistent!) salesmen asking if you want to rent jetskis, do parasailing, buy sunglasses or pearls, and so on....

And after you turn one down, there's probably another one within 50 ft who will ask you the same question as you walk down the street.

What's more irritating is the "SIR!!!" or "MA'AM!!!" in every sentence. The common script is, "Want jetski, SIR?!!! Parasailing, MA'AM?!!!

Nobody can enjoy vacation fully if you dread people shouting at you at the streets selling you something and you have to be rude sometimes to turn them down.

However, despite your annoyance, there are several things that you MUST NOT DO while on vacation in Boracay or any other places in the Philippines. One of them is NEVER ever to start a fight by shouting at somebody or punching somebody. (For other MUST NOT DO's, you can visit the following website:

The sales pitches are probably my worst complain about Boracay. But in general, I love Boracay Island!!! It's amazing. The fine white sand and crystal clear water just floored me the first time I went there. Then I knew I had to return.. And I do return at least once a year! My long term goal is to live there full time in the future.. Sweet. :)

Anyway, if you want to know how to get there (DIY way) and how much, you can go to this link in a Boracay review site:

If you go there especially in summer, you will never have a hard time getting to your hotel because people are very tourist friendly. They cater to the needs of everybody from local tourists to hollywood stars (Brad and Angelina, Tom Cruise, etc to name a few).

And... to finish this article properly, I would like to give credit to as reference.