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Palawan Hotel

2005-12-06 04:47:00

Palawan Hotel
Monday December 5, 2005, 6:25 PM

Audissie Pension - 600 Peso Air and TV with Cable

I am in my Hotel in Puerto Princesa, the name is the Audissie Pension, I really have no exact idea where it is located. I went to the Backpacker Inn and it was only 150 Peso; however, the room seems sort of bleak and off the path. I decided to trust a good Taxi driver who said there was a room for 300 Pesos. When we go to that hotel they was full except for the 700 Peso, went to the Audisse next door and got a room for 600.

There are rooms for 300 though in the Hotel next door, it just looks like the place is very full. 600 Pesos is about 12 Dollars U.S. and I am trying to work, so nice to have a color TV and a little better feeling.

They have these cool motorcycle taxis, sort of like a Tuk Tuk from Thailand but really a motorcycle with a cart on the side. Another photo I can take of Taxis around the planet.

Palawan has a small town feeling however must be bigger than it feels; I think about 150,000 and that is larger. They have these taxis and I think this place will be ten times easier to travel around in than Manila.