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Norman Rockwell Christmas

2005-12-26 17:52:00

Norman Rockwell Christmas

I am in wonder at the luck of the draw, I am grateful.

I live in a Norman Rockwell Christmas, Readers Digest, Leave it to Beaver world. Life in the USA is just too easy here in good old Indiana.

There seems to be a few islands on the planet, aberrations in cultures, places surrounded by other types of culture sometime very different, sometime just a little different. In the USA, the surrounding area of the USA is just a little different. However Indiana is nothing like New York or California, although the language creates a base line culture.

Singapore is an Island in the middle of Southeast Asia.

Two Cats in the Yard, life used to be so hard, now everything is easy cause of you...
As the song by Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young goes.

I suppose one of the biggest challenges of my life is to explain the hope that is possible to another person. Although I have learned that I should not trust the base level moral values of the world, I do know there are islands on the planet where the base level behavior is exceptional.

I believe in Germany there are some places similar also, note though that Singapore is not an island of good morals, only an island of exceptional clean.

A Norman Rockwell Christmas is the only way to describe my family, Apple Pie, Turkey, brother in laws forced to cut the Turkey, a big game of Bingo, everyone talking about children, college and football.

I am fortunate, nobody has a SUV.