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Merry Christmas from Andy of

2005-12-24 22:23:00

I am in the USA and soon on the 11th of January I leave for Bogota, Colombia.

Here in the USA there is an opinion that a person should say,
"Happy Holidays."

I have the best intentions with my wish of "Merry Christmas."

I think maybe there is a Devil and this Devil "Causes Division."
I think maybe there is a God and the God "Causes Division."

The Devil tries to make a good person argue or leads us into temptation to argue with the bad people.

The God causes the good person to need to leave the presence of the a bad person.

Essentially in my way of thinking, when I feel a bad person does not like me this is a good thing, I am not like them, when a good person likes me this is great thing.

I think of time spent in Iraq or Egypt and these people say some from of Islamic greeting, like may Allah be with you or Shalom etc.

It is nice feeling and a good way for us to become friends, I really do not care what they are saying, I feel and know the ones that are trying to bring unity or friendship. I always can feel when a person is saying these words with a desire to cause a separation.

I am rather ruthless when I am around a person with bad feelings, I just leave, however when I am around a person who is bringing me friendship, I stop and listen.

I look for the smile on the face, the friendship being extended, I look for a kind heart, and a person that protects the weak.

When I get that feeling I must choose my words carefully, or walk on eggshells, being very careful to not annoy or enrage the person I am talking with, then I for sure obey my version of God and separate, that is his way of division.

To argue over this issue is what the Devil wants, I am so happy to now be able to moderate and stop the comments on this blog that are very provocative and trying to attack. It is the job of a good person to witness to the existence of evil, and deny it, however very little value in arguing.

Nonetheless, Merry Christmas, maybe today you can begin to pretend, you do not understand or read English, and you can weigh me by my intentions, that is my road. A traveler, I will always find rest.

Merry Christmas, may Allah go with you.