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Map of Trip from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton

2005-12-11 21:13:00

Map of Trip from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton

This is a map of our route or my route, it was with so many people in the Jeepney or on the boat, I feel a we is appropriate. I took a Jeepney on a good road from Puerto Princesa to a turn off, and then took a road off the same coast as Puerta Princesa that crossed over to Sabang. This road was a little rough, however really ok, and the most interesting part of the trip. The Jeepney has very low windows and is not good for looking out the window. It would have been better to take the 9:00 microbus or bigger bus. Hard to say as first come first serve mean you could be standing on the back of the bus if you timed it wrong.

Many people just take a tour and go to the underground caves very quickly, pay a lot and avoid Sabang.

I think you have to say to yourself, or ask yourself, do I want to associate with normal Philippines persons. If you do not want to sit on the bus with normal people then you need to take the tour, if you want to see and learn about them then go on the Jeepney and stay in Sabang. I would say 80 percent of tourist avoid them at all cost, or minimize the contact with the actual Philippine people, opting to stay with other Expats with Philippine girls in tow.

The boat ride between Sabang for 3000 Pesos share among three person was not so exciting. It would have been wonderful if the 16 Horsepower motor had a muffler. It was so outrageously loud it was not possible to talk; my ears have finally stopped ringing. I personally will not take the boat again unless I am forced. I would rather go slower and enjoy the trip. I also get motion sick so the boat is rough as the waters are not calm presently.

The cost of the Jeepney to Sabang from Puerto Princesa was 150 Pesos, however I have never heard yet of anyone paying the same, everyone pays different prices.

The problem with the road is when you cross over from one side to the other, the road along the coast. The West Coast is good; the road from the West Coast to the East Coast crossing the island is bad. I was laughing to myself in my Encarta Encyclopedia in the computer it can calculate the miles. There is a big controversy on how to get or the difficult trip from Port Barton to the West Coast Road way and when I calculated it is only 10-15 miles. This is short jaunt and could be walked, the wanna-trek persons should pretend they are paying to trek, go free and walk out of the place.