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Map of Countries Visited

2005-12-26 20:13:00

I want a map of countries I have visited, every once in awhile I get excited and try to search, I found this page that worked pretty good.

It generated this simple map of the world, then gave me some type of code to put in the site. I instead click on FUNCTION - PRINT SCREEN

This copied the page, went to paint, pasted and then cropped this graphic. I am totally opposed to putting other people code in my page, especially in the blog where I cannot monitor or have zero reason to go back and read.

Looking at this map you can see the Caribbean, there is some 27 countries in this area and I can knock off a lot of them while traveling over winter.

I have not hit the Australian area and this is a common area because they speak English, however as I say,
"You need a date to go to Australia."
It is so big... I am wanting to share...

The South Pacific is more interesting to me and is like the Caribbean in number of countries and cost to visit.

Africa, you need a date again and a 4x4 it appears to me, I will start chunking off countries each year and try to nail down 2-3 per year.

Russia... ON my A list of places to visit, remember the Beatles, they said the "Ukraine girls like to keep their boys warm at night."

I know the Ukraine is not part of Russian anymore or is something different, and for sure the STAN brothers are a push to visit.