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Manila to Palawan Philippines Flight

2005-12-06 04:47:00

Manila to Palawan Philippines Flight

Monday December 5, 2005, 3:46 PM

5700 Pesos Round Trip with Asia Spirit Airlines.

I am in what I think is the Domestic Airport in Manila, not real sure as the taxi just took me to the airport, have not tried to understand the place. I will leave in about one-half hour for Palawan.

The waiting area is very similar to a waiting area for a bus, or some nice waiting area with a better grade of human in a bus station. Very few western type people here, most Asian. Many Japanese and Koreans, it appears to be a larger percentage of tourists than the USA. Europe or Australians. It is December 5, it has to be starting a high season, and however I have not seen any real jump in people.

Funny about Asians, they do not want any suntans or sun in their face and we are in a beach, tropical type paradise. I am going to lie around in the sun and read my book, hoping to find some shallow snorkeling places.

The airport is full of cell phones; everyone is using them now for play toys, like a pacifier to pass the time.