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Manila to Las Vegas to Chicago Flight

2005-12-19 19:55:00

Manila to Las Vegas to Chicago Flight
Tuesday December 20, 2005, 7:17 AM
Ticket from Bangkok to Chicago - 631 U.S.A. Dollars.

I am flying from Manila, Philippines to Las Vegas today, I have a two-hour layover then I fly onto Chicago. From Chicago I will take the Chicago Train system to the city and buy a ticket on Greyhound that will take me to Indiana.

I am not looking forward to the trip; it will be many hours of sitting in airplane seats.

Philippines Airlines
Manila to Las Vegas
Flight 106
Tuesday, December 20 - Leaves Manila 1700 arrives in Las Vegas 1655

Southwest Airlines
Las Vegas to Chicago
Flight 1509
Tuesday, December 20 - Leaves Las Vegas at 2015 arrives in Chicago 130

Wednesday December 21, I arrive in Chicago at 1:30 in the morning.

I will take the Chicago Metro to the Greyhound Station and buy a bus ticket to Indiana; I hope it leaves around this time.
My plane ticket was from Bangkok to Chicago, the cost was 26,502 Baht or about 631 U.S.A. Dollars with a 24-day layover in the Philippines.

Some persons would get all excited about Frequent Flyer miles as I am going to fly around 12,000 miles, this is to me a rather ridiculous thought. Frequent Flyer benefits are specifically designed in my opinion as a way to induce a business executive to choose the large expensive carrier to fly from Bangkok to Chicago.

To get the Frequent Flyer miles the tickets would cost me about 1300 dollars I believe and I would have to pay 700 dollars more, since I have no desire to screw my employers or myself than I choose the cheaper tickets.

It is very hard to target Philippines Airlines in this instance and bulk up enough miles to do anything. Yes, maybe the Philippines Airlines may have the Frequent Flyer miles, however not worth the bother.

Frequent Flyer miles are a way to mentally bribe an employee into overcharging their employer for self-gains. It could in some ways be a (MAYBE) tax-exempt perk, not that many of them care about making money.

The savings I really made was the 24 day layover in the Philippines, by buying this ticket and sealing the deal on November 23, I avoided buying anything in Manila or from the Philippines Airlines directly, I got the ticket in Khao San Road and the layover was free. If I would have purchased the set of tickets separately I would have paid a couple of hundred dollars more. I do not trust the Philippines, they are always maneuvering to find a way to gauge a person, I am very afraid of buying plane tickets from here. I am especially wary of the Philippines Airlines as I feel and see many discrepancies that make me believe they will put you between a rock and a hard spot if they can.

Example: I can bring two bags of 30 kilos here, however if I get on the same airlines then an go to an island. It will only allow me about 15, I would have to MAYBE pay for about 45 kilos, this could blow the whole budget. I look for airlines like that has these stations where you pay for over weight bags. If they have their own desk than I know this is one of the Airlines way of making money, in my opinion.