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Manila Philippines Hotel Hostel

2005-12-17 00:11:00

I left the Friendly Guesthouse and moved to a place called the Yasmin Apartelle on 453 Arquiza in the Ermita or Mabina area of Manila.

I cannot figure it out, I am really to me in the Malate area.

However this is separated in my guidebook. I am down with the Five Star Hotels, Pizza Huts and 7-11, closer to the large Robinsons Mall.

It is explained as seedy by the Guidebook and yes it is however so is the place by the Malate Pension or Friendly Guesthouse. That is the gay are and this is the girl area, I am realizing this is a much better area to be in as it has more normal type things to buy and for sure the restaurant situation is better. I do not like the Philippines food and hard for me to eat here.

I would ignore the comments on the Ermita or Mabini area, I believe for the person wanting to do business here it is 10 times better and for the backpacker, probably you could skip Manila.