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Manila Neighborhood Needs

2005-12-18 20:56:00

Manila Neighborhood Needs
Sunday December 18, 2005, 8:06 AM

I am dwelling on many issues and thoughts about what it is to travel all the time, I have felt some needs in the last year. I feel I need a nest, a home, a place to be. I have this, however even for me I think or believe I am on a trip and have to sacrifice my life for the trip. I am thinking this is false, I do not have to think about this as a trip, it is my life.

Travelers Nest

I am trying to think this through, I need to create the perfect travelers nest and I am going to make a tip in my next newsletter on this issue.

But it is not just making the hotel ok, there is a need to make the neighborhood ok or to choose a good neighborhood. If I was going to buy a home, I would choose a perfect location for my home close to many things.

This morning I got up and walked around here in Manila close to 453 Arquiza Street and the Yasmin Apartelle or Pension.

Laundry - 1.5 blocks - Sea Breeze Laundry is close

Internet - 1 block - There are four close, however not 24 hour like Station 168

ATM or Bank Machine for Cards - Less than one block.

24 hour food market - 2 7-11s within one block

Normal Large Grocery - Same as Friendly In the mall less than 3 blocks.

Travel Agency - Same as Friendly

Transportation Hub - Perfect for jeepney, on road between the one ways going both direction.

Telephone - One block in business center internet.
Restaurants - Jolibees, Chinese many within one block

I can have breakfast in the Yasmin Hotel and it is very good for 80 pesos. I do not like a restaurant in a Hotel, however this is not a restaurant, they will just serve breakfast

I am comparing this to the Friendly Guesthouse or Hostel, all in all there are more store in this area or real stores. Malate has the Starbucks, but really nothing close. I have a Pizza Hut and a Jolibees within one block. The USA Embassy is less than three blocks away from here. This is yes or no the girl section of the Malate area and the Friendly and the Malate Pension I have learned is in the Gay section. It is not an annoying Gay section, however it is definitely the more Gay section than here, this is straight.

There is a really nice Best Western less than one-half block from my Hotel, and a place called the Lotus or something like that, many high rise hotels also. I guess the Hyatt is less than two blocks away. I am in the Five Star USA embassy area, however according to the guidebook it sounds like the red light district.

I suppose they can get away with saying that and feel they would get in trouble if they say the Malate was more of a Gay section. I personally do not care either way, however what I do want is my neighborhood needs take care of.

For an adult this area seem better, for a Backpacker who is only in the country for less than 21 days, I think I would just skip Manila, nothing really of interest. However for a business person or a person thinking of living in the Philippines they need to figure out Manila and the Makati area and this area so they can have a base for entering and leaving the country.

However when I choose a hotel, I find I am happy when my neighborhood needs are fulfilled. I was having a big trouble walking out of the Friendly and finding a small bite to eat, I had two blocks to the only Mini Mart convenience store and all the other places were bars. Here I have the choice of many and a breakfast in the Hotel.