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Making Good Decisions

2005-12-26 04:30:00

Making Good Decisions
Monday December 26, 2005, 5:00 AM

I am at a point in my travel life where I need to make a few good decisions. This is the transition point in my life, I am not sure why I think this, however I am being very cautious with my options.

Traveling the planet takes a lot of time, you cannot just plan a trip and visit a place with an itinerary, to do it properly you have to give the place or destination the time it ask for. Some places I will plan for about two weeks and leave in two days, others I will plan for two days and stay two weeks.

For a person that wishes to go home and say,
“I was here.”
I would guess this is the motivation for 85 percent, they do not care about the place, they care about the reputation and bragging rights of going to this place. For instance, saying to a person in the USA,
“I went to Paris.”
Has more conversation value than to say,
“I went to Niger.”

The Paris one they have heard from, so they will be impressed, however for me to say I have been to Niger will only make them stop talking.

I have found, both are worthless, I am not going to “Win Friends and Influence People” as Dale Carnegie courses what to say you can do by me talking. They want to talk and have me listen, so I have pretty much given up on talking, except to myself, like this blog.

People would benefit to choose a place where they do what they like to do.

I need to be careful now, I am designing some web sites that could eat my life, take away my freedom. It is like getting married, you donate half your life to the person, a pretty good bargain if it is the right person and a very bad deal if you make a bad decision.

So I am wagering with myself on some decisions.

1. Do I want to start a Hostel?
Yes, but when?

2. Can I hire some techies to work and spend very little time managing them?
I have hooked on to two more to work on projects.
I am looking for persons who manage themselves…

3. Traveling more and staying less.
This has become a problem, I had almost zero money, lived on 5-10 Dollars U.S. per day for my first seven years of travel. Now I am happily becoming some form of Jet Set Hobo who can move from country fast.

What is wrong with this?

The pure time it takes to move from place to place has increased in rations.

I now spend about 50 percent of my time in transit, on the plane to the place.
In the past I spend about 10 percent of my time in transit, I learned a lot more about the countries.

What is good about this is when I have had enough of a culture, there is always a culture clash, I will eventually have enough of some part of the culture.

Example: In South America the people run into you like dogs, they bump me.
Example: In Thailand they just do not care what I say, they do not iisten.
Example: In the Philippines they are big scammers, you have trouble trusting them.
Example: In Iraq they spend a lot of time being racist and telling you why they hate Israel.
Example: In Israel they talk very loud and cut the line or queue so much you want to grab their gun out of their hands and shoot them.
Example: In the USA they are so naïve and fortunate, then they sit around and tell you about how life is so difficult, I want to slap them.

Hmm… A little desire for violence there…. Or normally I fly out of the country.. Hehehe

There are decisions in my or your life.
One will take up all your time and devour your life.
The next will enrich, I will live and die by the decisions I make.