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Life is Easy

2005-12-28 08:37:00

I am getting older, and I am thinking how easy my life is getting, I am grateful for all I have, nothing like Christmas and listening to person in the USA complain to know this.

I live 95 percent of my time in a place where I would not understand their complaints because they speak a language like Thai or Tagalog or Spanish or Latvian or whatnot.

My life is easy, I have learned to feel who is positive and who is negative and to leave the negative persons behind or when they stick out their thumb for a ride, I look the other way.

The secret to happiness is to do more in the day that makes you happy than the things that make you sad. People are the things that make me happy and sad.

There is this guy Alan that writes some of the worlds longest emails who I am helping to blog on Tropical Plants. He is ready to learn, wants to learn, listens and is excited. Tries very hard, he for sure knows how to type well. I appreciate his long emails, nice to know someone is thinking and engaged.

Do me a favor, go and write comments on his blog, I am sure one of you is smoking a joint, that is maybe considered a Tropical Plant, I am sure you can ask strange questions, have some fun, Alan is a good guy.


Passion is needed, a engaged passion for the day. I like to solve problems, however when I am working to solve problems I am also frustrated and excited. Like a huge puzzle, working on it is frustrating and fun at the same time.

I think jumping off a bungie jump is the same, it would scare me to death and be fun a the same time. Would I want to complain or scream for joy.

I point out some of the countries I complain the most about, I stay in the longest, so what is up with that. I know the places I love, I stay, I do not leave.