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Indus International

2005-12-02 15:05:00

Indus International

I am in a diliemna or moral quandry with myself, and really the blog is the problem. I generally like to post on my blog, it is a introspective trip into my feelings. When I type something into my blog reports or journal I learn what I am thinking and feeling.

I was very frustrated the other day, I sat and typed into my computer.. OFFLINE a big long comment on how I am having problems with Ameen at Indus International. Well when you are frustrated it is easy to be quick and say or think type thoughts that have a possibilty of being wrong. I try to or sometimes I think I avoid blogging when I am doing a few days of frustating work and keep the blog only on subjects of travel.

One of my friend told me, your blog is not a travel blog, I sort of agree, it is my journal, I do not know how to separate random thoughts from some travel thoughts. I think it would not be fair to the readers that really wish to learn how to travel the world to leave out the negatives, or include only the travel comments. Traveling is living and living is traveling, to learn to travel a long time around the planet is as when person ask me what I am doing,
"I live on the road, or I live traveling."

Therefore, I am living my traveling, for sure the art of travel is about learning to live anywhere on the planet in as comfortable and enjoyable way. The biggest problem is friendships, the lack of ongoing steady relationships with the same person. Then comes just plain creature comforts.

Ok, so the last few days I have been frustrated about two major things and my mother writes and says when are you going to blog....aaagh.

I am trying to open an account with a bank here in the Philippines so I can pay to have workers, I need to pay them fast, so a tranfer from my account to their bank card would be good for them. The banks say I need a ACR - Alien Certificate of Registration.

I am hearing lots of gossip from Expats- this site is helping me a lot, it has came up a few times now and must be one of the better sites on how to live in the Philppines.

I just read it and what I am frustrated about may be a problem because I am listing to expats and not really the government. I am stopping on the bank thing, it is a very frustrating process to walk or take a taxi around the city talking with people that do not seem to care.

Indus Interenational

I just got off the phone, it is about 4:45 in the morning and I thought I would try to get in touch with the person one more time. This really great internet cafe called Station 168 on Adriatico has free call to the USA on an internet telephone. He started hollering at me, I was amazed, this guy has the personality or lack of a personality. The guy is from Pakistan and living in the USA, I was hoping to buy the American culture of service, I was for sure not getting it from him.

Well the dilemna or moral quandry is this, the blog which is also my personal journal has the ablity to hurt a company. IF I put up a review pages on the internet it can hurt a company or help a company, some persons anonymously try to go after a company that they are problems with, so this can or could be right or wrong.

Readers tend to believe anything in writing is true. I tend to believe now anything in the newspapers or on the TV is crap, however the average person in the USA has a lot of trust in printed information.

I do not want to slander or say things bad about a company. I could make a lot of money if I would recommend sites that want to advertise and I say no. IF I will not use the company then I will not personally recommend.

I am in the Friendly Guesthouse or Friendlys Guesthouse here in Manila, I like Benjie and the place is good enough that I want to live there. Is it perfect no, it is good yes, I was laughing as I came out of my room. A man and his wife was in the process of opening the screen to the window of their room and breaking into their room. It is also very easy to jimmy the doors on the room with a knife or credit card because of the way the lock is constructed. Well the security in the guesthouse is about a 2 on a scale of 10, ten being the best. However it is safe because the staff is pretty safe and they do not clean rooms. Anyone entering the room should not be entering the room. When I leave I lock everything up inside my backpacks and chain to the bed, this keeps the honest people honest. I the dorm the last time I was here a camera and a cell phone was stolen.

I explained to Benjie the need for a locker, or lock boxes, especially for the dorms, in one ear and out the other. I have also been talking about the need to clean the toilets better. I like the place and have to clean them myself.

OK. I am living in this Hostel, that means it is better than other places, however I want it to improve and if a better places comes on the market I will move, especially on the security issue.

Should I say bad things about a company, person, or country. Many people get very angry when I say something bad about anything, like best to keep your mouth shut.

I cannot really harm CNN or BBC when I say they are lying, even though I believe it and it is the truth.

I can harm Indus International maybe when I say the guy has or is costing me 100 dollars because in good faith I paid for three books with and had them shipped to his office because he said it would be ok to scan as long as for personal use.

The guy hollers or screams at me on the telephone, very professional...aagh. I am trying to scan in the Lonely Planet Carribean right now so I can go to the Carribean and have a guide. I am saying to you, I use the Lonely Planet, that is like a free advertising for them, I also say bad things about the Lonely Planet, I am used to their format, I understand how they put together a book, so hard to want to change, I know the problems with their books. It is a good guidebooks, so should I say comments about them or should I do like most travel magazine and only sell my opinions. I am not for sale and will never be for sale, my thoughts and opinions are not for sale. IF a company can show me they are a good company I will talk about them for free, it would help persons to travel.

On the other hand if a company causes a person to be endangered or they lose money because of doing business with them, then maybe I should also talk. I have lost 100 dollars with Indus International and now have to rush to figure out how to get books for the Carribean. This area of the world is a land mine of expensive decisions, I absolutely need the best informaiton possible, before I make a move. I also had or was having a guidebook scanned for the South Pacific, because I also want to sit around and so like my readers, read about a place for three months then go to the place. I do not have have this luxury.

I wrote a long and frustrated email the other day, I knew or thought that my relationship was 90 percent over with Indus International, so was ready to send yesterday, which would have made my mother happy, she wants to hear I am alive. I did not blog, I put it in a holding box on my email client and was waiting to see if Ameen and his attorney could suss out a solution that would make them happy I am not breaking some law. is going to figure this out real soon as they are trying to scan in the Harvard Library and many more it looks.

I was very excited, I had found a business that could help me to have good information and would make it easier to continue to travel and to enjoy my trips. Plus to not miss accidentally on some really large tourist attraction that I should have seen no matter what.

I will seen the letter I wrote yesterday in frustration about Indus Internationaall because for sure I know it is true, he went from have a 10 percent benefit of a doubt to a zero benefit of a doubt for me, nobody should do business with this company, the company has no integrity or professionalism. All books have copyrights and all books do not want you to scan them or copy them, they are not going to permission to anyone to scan, Ameen is in this business, he knows this already. I told him I was going to scan the books, I was going to convert the graphics to word so I could search for word. I blogged about, talked about here, I am not hiding, I want to scan the Lonely Planets into my digital library. I would like to encourage Lonely Planet to do this so I could download the books, I pay for them either way. Buying used books to me seems to be losing them money more than me buying a new book from and Indus International saying he has to destroy the book to scan.

All this comes down to weight and speed.

I cannot many books or I will be overweight on a plane.
I need to find information in books fast, so I need to search for words.

I need to research and read about travel destinations for my use and to be a better travel blogger, not that I care that much about that. I am really just an extremely curious person and a collector of information. I like to have the best possible information at my fingertips.

THE INTERNET is not at my fingertips, I cannot sit around surfing the internet to find travel information, a good guidebook is 20 times faster and more reliable, the internet is full of mis-information or downright lies. Ash says he is not going to buy a guidebook maybe to go to India, I strongly recommend a guidebook, a guidebook saves you more than the cost in the first few weeks.

There is only one possible competition right now for a guidebook that is pretty quick on the internet, that is: is good, however takes too long and I think they probably edit out the bad comments and steer you towards the expensive decisions.

Virtual is good though and they do come up in my searches all the time. I have this theory, if they are smart enought to make a good website that can be found on They have a chance of staying in business. If I am going to recommend or even allude to a webpage I want to know it has a good possiblity of staying in business. Nothing worst then sending out hard code letters with links that break.

Most readers to not lose money by getting on a website, if I am on a website and the information is wrong, especially lies about the cost of the Hotel, it can cost me an extra 20-100 dollar very quickly. I normally do not drop cash, I have avoided this, however many times I get back on the train in Europe because there is not good value to sleep, or I just leave Europe as I feel that life is too expensive for the enjoyment.

I only know one Hotel in Macau that is ok, the Sweethouse, that is a big problem, a country and only one Hotel or Hostels on my list.

Nonetheless, amazingly Ameen decided to start screaming at me on the phone today, what a dingaling. I will lose my 100 dollars and I do not care, maybe it will help someone else to not lose money with this company.

So I am still trying to think this out, should I talk or say things bad about a company or person on the internet. I think now, or today yes, however best to limit to the situations where the person is in danger of losing large amounts of money or in danger of being robbed.

Many many many times I am frustrated because a culture makes my life a problem, I will talk about a culture a lot, this is the average norm or standard of the country.

I do wish it would always be an indication to people, if I am in a country, this is good, it is a good enough country I chose to visit it, this says I like the country or culture more than others. I like the Philippines however there are some real scamming things going on this country...

The secret to happiness is this.
"Do more things in a day that make you happy than things that make you sad."
NOTE: I will try not to blog on the days when the balance is going the wrong way.

However this means, I will close the door on Ameen and Indus International, I will lose my money and go on to a happier moment. I unfortunately for my readers who want picture I know have been trying to work on Internet business here so have not got many photos. Manila is not a very interesting city, unless I want to take photos of not such nice things like girls standing with mini-skirts in front of bars, trying to make you buy something, or many of the more dirty things of life. I take the photos anyway, however I am hoping soon to leave for Palawan.

I do not know, one of these companies is going to be my solution to paying persons in the Philippines I can issue a ATM card to the worker or they can apply for one.

Or maybe Well Fargo Bank in the USA.

My inclination presently is with Wells Fargo because it is safe for money, I heard discussions about the Philippines locking or freezing accounts because of the type of deposits you are making. I want something simple and quick as a worker needs the money. I really wish I could hire Americans however it is impossible to pay an American to enter data and make money on the site, it is not feasible.

Enough of this, sometimes I think I do not spend any time blogging, however I am doing this blog live and paying for the internet time. It has taken an hour to type this, maybe I do inadvertently work more than I think. Is typing in my journal work?

Life is good, I am promising myself, I leave in the next three days for somewhere, I am leaving Manila, maybe to El Nido in Palawan Island.

I am tired, forget the spell check... hehehe

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