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Hobo in USA

2005-12-21 22:55:00

I am in the USA, wow what a trip, I will leave soon for Colombia and then to the Caribbean for Winter Hibernation.

33 Hours of travel time

13 Hours from Manila to Vancouver.
1 Hour
3 Hours to Vegas
2 Hour in Vegas
4 Hours to Chicago
6 Hours in Midway Airport
3 Hours to Elkhart Indiana
1 Hour to get home.

33 Hours of travel time

The whole trip was easy, the food on the Philippines Airlines was bad, however the trip went well, Vegas was a hoot, slots in the airport of Sin City and Vancouver Airport took US Dollar in the vending machine, the truth about Canada comes out, they really do know they have to use the U.S.A...

Fat People

The Greyhound gave their normal efficient service, however also their normal I hate the world and get out of my face no smile service.

I am embarrassed to to know.
The world knows our country from the Greyhound Bus System, this is our Ambassador of the country as the world backpacker enter the USA and think, everyone in the country is like the Greyhound.... Bus.
NOTE: The person on the bus and the person running this Bus system have to be the champions of rude and mean. Mean spirited.

Sadly they do get you from point A to point B very good and in a timely fashion and the Amtrak is even a bigger joke.

Anyone that travels the USA and understand the country, buy a car, do not use the Greyhound it for the down and out of the country, it is part of the USA and you need to see the danger of the cities of the USA.

I have to admit, I am not afraid to travel, however the 1:30 morning walk from the L or the Metro Train in Chicago to the the Greyhound Station has to be one the most dangerous two blocks I have encountered in years. I think Iraq is safe compared to that.