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Expats in Philippines

2005-12-11 21:25:00

Expats in Philippines
Saturday December 10, 2005, 4:08 AM

I was reading over and fixing up a little of my blog typing and realized some of places I have stayed the longest had many Expats. I assume there is a natural inclination to stay in these places. I am like any other person, there are places that are comfortable and I stay longer. In addition, many other persons stay in these locations longer.

I am trying to learn where in the Philippines the Expats live, and how, I know there a many in Angeles city, however that place is like Sodom and Gomorra to me and I do not want to live there.

El Nido sounds like one of the better locations in Palawan and I chose to fly to Puerto Princesa because it was cheaper. I do not want to hurt my trip by forcing the way up to El Nido and then making my whole time on Palawan a travel trip. There is a balance to travel and too much time on a boat or bus is not good. I am amazed at the time I would need to really explore this place; there are many places to visit. However because there are so few people away from the cities I would be less inclined to visit as many. There is a great Expats community in the Philippines and if I really involved myself with them, I could learn a lot about where to go and what to do. Most countries do not have long-term people that live there, yes a few, however not like here where they are everywhere.

The problem if there is a problem with the Expats here is they are mostly hard-core drinkers and babe chasers. Not a big problem, however they tend to be one-tracked in their talk and what they want to do. I am not finding many who are doing more than talking in the bar. It sounds like they are all a bunch of Alcoholics hanging on the bar stool, however really there are fewer problem drinkers here than in Bangkok. The young drink themselves silly persons are not here; these are older successful persons that came to the Islands to retire. They drink a lot, however not in a drunken way, I have not seen any stumbling around, on Khao San Road in Bangkok, it is common to see a fellow traveler walking home drunk.

The ages is maybe the point here, there are some old people here, the average ages is over 40, so many of them are up in their 60�s, however I would say the common age is about 45 and fast approaching over 50.