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Candidate for Mediocrity

2005-12-13 19:29:00

Candidate for Mediocrity
Tuesday December 13, 2005, 3:12 PM

�Once you start to compromise your thoughts, you�re a candidate for mediocrity.�

Said in the movie, �Biloxi Blues� when the lead person in the movie was going to remove and destroy a page of his diary because it said something that hurt a persons feeling. A play a movie by the writer Neil Simon.

I am feeling pressure to not think, the writing of my thoughts into this computer has become to aware to me, it is apparent that people are reading some of the comments. I am fortunate that most people keep their comments to themselves, however for sure it is possible there are readers that are thinking. I sometime kid my friends that I am the brother of Deanna Troi from the show Star Trek the Next Generation. I am an empath and can feel what people are feeling. Nobody ever gets the joke, however it is my joke and a feeling I do have or sense, as if sometime I can feel what other people are feeling.

This is not fun, especially when I intuitively feel I am correct; however, there are times when I am not as correct as I feel. Nonetheless, there are times when I am too correct. The hard part about any test to see if you really do understand what a person is feeling will usually be thwarted by a lie. People do not admit what they are feeling, it is not a normal person that admits what they are feeling, and at least they do not admit the good feeling, only the extreme type or non-important feelings.

I do feel a pressure to not think or feel, or say, what I am seeing and feeling, it is a fun planet I live on. There is nothing about the world that is reality based; there is a world of layers where nobody will reveal the layers.