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Air Conditioned Laundry

2005-12-12 20:04:00

Air Conditioned Laundry
Tuesday December 13, 2005, 7:36 AM

I have traveled for a long time, over 9 years now, there is never a day goes by that I do not learn something new. I do not think travel creates a tolerance for the world; travel creates intolerance for the crazies of the world. What I learn everyday is there is always something else to learn. If I just talked about travel, it is still impossible to learn everything. I have washed my clothes or had my laundry done in every possible way, or I am always thinking I have seen every possible way.

Yesterday, I was trying to pay to have my laundry done, I asked the receptionist,

�Do you do laundry?�
She said,
I then asked,
�Do you have a dryer?�
�Yes, we have dryer.�

I sat there and mulled this over, hmm� do they really have a dryer, and if they have dryer do they use it. I have learned so many options, ok, then I think, today it is raining at least 10 cats and 10 dogs. I must be very careful, I do not want my clothes to come back wet. Strange as it may seem, if the clothes are not dry, many places will fold them, stack them, and return them to me, as if they are dry. Hard to believe they will try to do this, however the world will try to get away with about anything, if you will accept. They know we are leaving and really have no choice. The problem is this mildew smell, if you leave the clothes hanging on the line for more than one day, they often start to take on this mildew or rot smell. I need a dryer today, there is no choice, nothing would dry in this type of humidity.

I try again in a checking mode.
�When will the clothes be dry?�
She says,
�Maybe tomorrow.�
I say,
�A dryer takes one hour.�
She says,

She proceeds to point down below, like there is a dryer down there, there is a clothes line down there, I can see that, I do not see anything that looks like a dryer.

I asked.
�Do you have a dryer?�

I then say again,
�When will they be done?�
�Maybe later.�

The cost here is about three times the going rate for laundry; I only want to get some shirts done. I have to give up, I cannot figure out the truth, all I can figure out is this, and I do not trust my laundry to be done. It is better to stink than to walk around in mildew clothes. This is a very big smell, not and easy smell to tolerate, and after the clothes are imbued with this smell, it then take some real hot water and a really good laundry or time to get rid of the smell.

I then start to figure out another option, as I walk around I start keeping my eyes open for a laundry. I will walk in and look at the dryer, only if I see a dryer will I have my clothes done. I find this small grocery, they are selling the single packs of soap, grouped in packs of 5 for about 20 Pesos, I opt to insure I have this option, I buy the soap and put in my pocket. If the sun shines for even a minute, I will try to wash a couple of shirts and hang out.

Normally it is better to be in a room with a fan, a fan will dry two shirts, or one pair of pants, or about five pair of underwear quickly. I go back to my room, oops, I have only an air conditioner. I have never put my clothes in front of an air conditioner, maybe it will work, I am not sure. I decided on the underwear, I will wash them in the bucket in the �Comfort Room� and then try to dry them. Half of getting clothes to dry is to wring them good, very good and they are half-dry. I put the underwear in the bucket, let them soak. I then take them out later, half I hang in the shower and the other half I hang on a chair in front of the air conditioner. When I woke in the morning, the ones in front of the air conditioner are almost dry, or within a step, the ones in the �Comfort Room� as the call the toilet in the Philippines are just as wet as when I slept, I shift the almost dry underwear to on top of the television, I am pretty sure it is hot enough to help. I position on a chair all the others.

This system is working, I am not going to have my underwear stink from mildew. When they are dry, I will then go for two shirts, as long as I wash more each day then I wear, then I will be able eventually to clean all of my clothes.

Air Conditioner and the Television, a new learning experience in laundry cleaning.