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4x4 Stuck on Angeles City Trail

2005-12-11 21:40:00

I have been making jokes.
I am in Puerto Princesa, bailed on Port Barton.

I was in Port Barton and the rain was pouring buckets, I realized the whole beach was leaving if they could find a boat, jeepney or truck. I finally realized it was crazy to stay, I could get stuck there sitting in the rain and have to pay a fortune for one person to take me out on a motorcycle.

We got up to go on a Jeepney, the Jeepney canceled, I realized there was a 4x4 Toyota loading, I asked about a ride, 500 Peos, 425 more than the Jeepney so I took it... Talk to Kevin who leaves to day with his girlfriend, he sat in the back and got wet she was in the front.

We got stuck and learned that the local water buffalo do not obey or pull for the Philippines person, after sitting around in the rain 5 of us used a rope and pulled it out.

I have may photos, trying to catch up on all the typing as there is not very good internet after you leave Puerto Princesa.

RAIN.. It has rained every day I have been here, I saw some grass and trees along the road that looked like "Rain Forest."

Rain and more rain and rain again. However here in Puerto Princesa I can walk around, use the internet, etc.

The joke about the "Angeles City Trail.'

My guesstimate if you was going to say what group of persons go the most to Port Barton presently it would be girls from Angeles City, the road we was on back from Port Barton to Roxa or the turn off point was a large trail. Therefore a good trail for the Angeles City Girls... I would guess that 60 percent of the person going to Port Barton have a girl they found, discovered, met, rented in Angeles city and have them along. I have learned a lot about how to marry a Philippine girl.

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