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Why does BBC Lie About Niger

2005-11-27 18:50:00

Why does BBC Lie About Niger

Sunday November 27, 2005, 5:56 PM

I just watch a show on BBC the English 24 hour news channel. It is very disturbing to me what I watch.

I traveled and lived 21 days in Niger or something like that, and saw the country and seen the �Food Crisis� that has caused Malnutrition and is killing the children under 5, and some extras around the edges.

However, I watch this BBC show called Reporters and this lady, that I did not catch the name of says and used the words

Famine - about 10 times

Starvation - about 8 times

Food Crisis - one time

Malnutrition - one time

Famine is according to my Encarta Encyclopedia:

extreme food scarcity: a severe shortage of food resulting in widespread hunger.

What is wrong? Why use the word Famine?

Because it get news, it attracts attention. Famine will be �Widespread� while what they really have is Malnutrition or a Food Crisis cause by both the mother and the babies having a diet that is not balance and full of the proper foods. In the easiest way of saying it they do not eat the vegetable and fruits because the country does not grow them.

The problem or why it makes me angry is a Famine is not the problem, there is a need for certain types of foods to be grown and eaten in Niger. The focus on famine only makes the NGO like World Vision rich and cause the good people who donate to not force them work on the real solution.

1. A need for analysis of what foods are lacking in the diet of Niger people that would provide the proper vitamins and nutrients to stop malnutrition.

2. What foods can be grown and eaten that would provide these Nutritional needs.

3. Educate and provide the seeds, starts or support to grow these types of crops.

The people of Niger have maybe a 10 percent literacy rate, so you cannot just write in the newspapers. They do not read. They do listen to the radio, and a series of billboard in all the small villages would educate by form of pictures showing.

This report by BBC is a misinterpretation of the news, an outrageous and an example of the lack of integrity on the part of the BBC reporters. Why has integrity been completely lost?

I have been working to collect the information about this subject, I am not a nutritionist and I do not have libraries at my avail. So the research is difficult and time consuming, plus in some ways starts to cost me a lot of money.

The bottom line is if you mention the word Famine or Starvation in Niger an NGO or Doctors without Frontiers person would instantly correct you, this is not a famine it is a food crisis.