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What is Racist?

2005-11-17 20:46:00

I had a nasty email from a person saying I was racist on this blog posting.

It is interesting to me how people will instantly convert a generalization into some form of racist remark.

I believe there is presently in the world about a 80 percent correlation between.

Islamic and Terrorism.

When I hear of a Terrorist attack, I have an 80 percent chance it was done by some Islamic group that has hijacked their religion. My personal belief is this problem will disappear when the religion has had enough. They are making some enemies of their somewhat tolerant groups. Now Indonesia, Jordan and Egypt are becoming tired of the killing.

Bigotry and racism is about illogical and irrational beliefs, like a person is bad because of the color of their skin.

However much I do not like to hear the comment that Americans are fat, I have to agree they are fatter than the rest of the planet.

It is rational to see the correlation between the Islamic Religion and Terrorism. It is terror to keep our mouths shut or feel afraid if we say what we believe is true. I do not think Islamic people as a whole believe in Terrorism, however I do feel the put a blind eye to what then know and could stop.

I think this type of comment is about the same as saying I am stupid because I have bad grammar.