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Traveling Thailand with Computer

2005-11-17 20:59:00

Traveling Thailand with Computer
Friday November 18, 2005, 8:10 AM

I have a good friend and my worst enemy in this computer. It causes me headaches however, both gives me a project to relieve the boredom of travel and make me enough money to travel. However if also needs constant attention like a small child.

My computer is fixed.

I ironically met a man by the name of Joe from the USA in the internet cafe, he works for the US Post Office in Florida as an Electronics Engineer. He keeps the machine with the computer controls running.

The problem was my connections were bad, he removed the RAM memory, processor and hard drive and just put back in or reset them into their bases. The processor was loose, I think it was this connection, however it is not 3 times faster than before, it is strange to me it would even work, however now it work better.

Sometimes the answers come from places you do not expect; I was amazed at the accidental meeting of this man. In Khon Kaen, there are no other foreigners; I do not see tourist, maybe one or two per week, however not in this area. Therefore, someone was looking over my shoulder to help me with this problem.

I was explaining that I do not learn much about the software or hardware of a computer.

I said, if I type

Into the computer and run, what happens if I make a terrible mistake, I cannot talk Thai and they cannot talk English. I may have to call the USA and talk for hours to reverse one stupid move on my part. I can give the Hewlett Packard Company the computer here and maybe they will fix it. I personally do not believe there are many people that can fix computers. I believe they just replace parts until the do the correct on, to actually isolated and diagnosis the problem is not easy.

I do make changes on my computer, however with extreme caution, sometimes typing or writing exactly what I did so I can reverse the process or hope I can reverse the process.

A laptop is not built the same a desktop and the parts are smaller and not interchangeable as easily.