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Tracking the Hippo

2005-11-17 21:02:00

Tracking the Hippo
Friday November 18, 2005, 8:10 AM

I want to see a Hippo or Hippopotamus.

I can read about Hippos in my Encarta Encyclopedia and I can go the zoo and look at a Hippo, however I want to see where they exist in the wild.

I also am trying to track of find all the larger animals, like the Rhino, Whale, Gorilla, etc, plus a few of the cats like Jaguar. I do not know what you would call this list, it a list of animals difficult to see in the wild.

The elephants I seen in the Chitwan National Park in the south of Nepal made me want to see more large animals in, or close to a natural state. I want to see them with their nobility still connected to them, and not completely caged. I want to see these animals in their normal savage state.

I am doing well with this new way of researching; it is a tickler system of research and keeps me daily updated on many topics. I have learned that in Kerala in south India, there are many Elephants or at least for sure, the news from Kerala reports a lot of information about Elephants. India is a great place to see Animals, like monkey and such because the India people are mostly Vegetarians and this mean the animals are not eaten.
I am collecting patterns; I am learning slowly where the world is talking the most about Animals. What this is not where the animals are located, more where or when a large animal like the Hippo meets a Human. Most of the reports are about zoos; I read all of them and then just post up on the blog the ones that are closer the wild in my opinion. I have to make a judgment.

The more I do my web pages, and writing the more I learn there is a need for research.

I am not sure research is the correct word.


It says here:

“Scientific Method, term denoting the principles that guide scientific research and experimentation, and also the philosophic bases of those principles. Whereas philosophy in general is concerned with the why as well as the how of things, science occupies itself with the latter question only, but in a scrupulously rigorous manner. The era of modern science is generally considered to have begun with the Renaissance, but the rudiments of the scientific approach to knowledge can be observed throughout human history.”

I am using a scrupulously rigorous manner to find these animals, however I am not going beyond the known bounds of information.

I believe there are people studying Hippos somewhere on the planet. I hope to slowly learn where, how, and why. Then maybe I could read where they believe the Hippo is still surviving in the wild state.

What is already known?

This is the question I am always trying to answer. There is a natural arrogance of the human mind that somehow believes all that they are thinking about it unique. I personally feel I have no unique thoughts. I have or will continue to repeat of compile something I read or seen and say it again in maybe a different way.

Researchers write me.

On a regular basis, some person doing research writes me, asking a few questions then they disappear.

Waorani Indigenous persons of Ecuador.
A person recently or about two months ago wrote me asking if I seen the Waorani Indians in Ecuador when I was on the Napo River. What are the possibilities of going and visiting them and such, he was asking some good questions so I started to go further with my “Uncontacted Tribes” research and include the Waorani Indians of Ecuador in the search words.

There does seem to be a lot of interest in this tribal group, and s book or two has been written.

THIS is the roadblock, the wall if knowledge is stopped because I only have access to internet-based information. I can do hands on or I can go to the place, however to know the existing information I must find it offline. The internet is almost worthless when it come to doing research on something like the Waorani Indians. If you want to learn about Shakira, the Internet is great, if you want to go off the path than you have very little actual information available.

I am looking forward to this, when scans and digitized all the books in the Harvard Library. Then the information is on the internet, a person can then do some real research on the internet. When the next step is reached and they start to translate the research done in German, French to English then the world of knowledge will be opened. The door is starting to crack open, what a wonder.

My Research blog links on:


Un-contacted Tribes:

While I am at it, I will give you the Shakira one…

Here is one for many of you fat Americans… Diet.

I have many of these and I am adding a couple per day, not much work. However, what this does is create a haven for me of links where I can go when I want to focus and read some of the best new release or WebPages on the chosen subject. I can then compile the information into a digested database. Whala, I have information to use for a web site.