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Thumb Drive Programs

2005-11-21 17:57:00

Thumb Drive Programs
Wednesday November 23, 2005, 6:51 AM

I am in this small Hotel just outside the city of village of Ban Phe. This is where the ferry departs or arrives from the Island of Koh Samet here in Thailand. I am with a friend and was staying in a place called the Jep Guesthouse. It is nice place, however there was a reservation and they wanted us to move rooms. My friend is a Thai girl that is studying Cancer Medicine at Khon Kaen, the sun is about worthless to her.

Nevertheless, we left the Jep because the time it takes to pack and move to another room is sufficient cause to move out of the hotel. If I have to pack, I may as well leave the Island. Koh Samet is a perfect Island for a Thai person as there is no place to lay in the sun and tan, and plenty of great trees. However we was already on the Island for two nights so even shade gets boring. The cost of the room was inordinately high for Thailand at 1000 Baht per night for two people.

Koh Samet is not a backpacker Island or maybe not what you call a mainstream backpack Island. I would say almost zero reasons to visit the place, however for me I have went to most Island and have only a few of the major ones left before I have visited all of them.

Koh Samet is not a good value for the buck, too expensive, I think for the price we could have flown with to Koh Samui and taken the boat to Koh Pha Ngan, then stayed in a private bungalow or hut for about 400 Baht, saving the 600 Baht per night.

Thumb Drives

I was thinking about Thumb Drives when I started to type, however I am learning I think too much about readers. This is really annoying, that I even consider them. To type, I must stage or locate myself, tell people where I am at.

Well, this Hotel just outside Koh Phe is 500 Baht and 200 Baht too much for Thailand, however the price inflates quick when you are with a Thai girl as they see a mark coming.

I am typing on my Thumbdrive and will in the next day publish this to the internet by copying and pasting this into

I tried two times to upload five pictures from the thumb drive to the internet with the interface. Both time after I uploaded and the page said it was attached or uploaded, I clicked on done and the photos did NOT transfer to the page where I compose. I have no idea where they are located, however I think I just uploaded to the server and now I have five useless photos on the server taking up space. I am not sure, however the code, if I had the code would connect them up probably and I could use them. I can access the code or get the code from some old postings.

However this is about speed, I did not have the time to load in my cute FTP program on the server and upload them or publish them to my page, this is why I was using the interface with I sort of like the upload feature however it does not work when I need it, and does work when I do not need it. It is faster when I want to upload under three photos, however after that it is slower. It creates thumbnail photos which have benefits.

The bottom line is this. Cute FTP program must be loaded onto the computer in the internet café, and will remain on the computer in the internet café unless I remove. This is not good, I also am always in danger of leaving the configurations in the program and even though I do not put the password in at first it still keeps or automatically keeps the passwords. I have to delete the configurations and hope there is not ever some super clever person who for some reason is super curious about what I am doing watching me, as if they were near genius they could get on my site and cause damage. I am lucky as there are few people that are both near genius and paying attention to someone beside themselves walking around. Actually I am so bored waiting on the computers in the internet café or typing on the computers inside the internet café, I find is difficult to not pay attention to what the others are doing.

The seem mesmerized that they are typing a letter to their friends at home and are very captivated with the fact they are typing. Even more interesting to me is how a person is captivated with Chatting.

Chatting to me is a thing that uses very little brainwave and is realy so slow, that I would need to chat with 10 people at the same time to keep interested. I see people doing this, however even that would be so inane as I would go crazy. I am not a chatter and really see little value, except for business reasons.

The computer hypnotizes persons and take or robs the person of their consciousness, they stop being able to think.

Well, I have the WS FTP program that runs ONLY from the thumb drive, I wish I could use CUTE the same, however it needs the operating systems of the internet café computer to work. I heard there are now programs that are only running on the thum and do not need the DLL or registry files of the computer to work. Stand alone programs, this would be a real advancement in technology.

What is needed for a person is a Thumbdrive that has all the programs the user wants or used on it, then when they plug the drive into the USB port, they now have all their files they are using, plus the programs they use all configured and set up the way they want to use them.

I presently use Foxmail for an email client like this and also WS FTP in this way, I suppose I use a program called GKW - Good Key Words also, however I would like to have Frontpage on the thumb drive and Microsoft Word or Excel also. Then I would be able to throw away my computer and use Internet café only. Presently to throw away the computer and only use the internet café, I need to load many programs onto the computer, and then when I return to the Café, I get to do again, because I would be on a different computer.

A Thumbdrive with many programs on it, that does not need the operating systems of the internet café to work would be a windfall in travel mobility.