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Throwing Money in Air

2005-11-15 22:03:00

I have this new telephone... hehehe.
I throwing money up into the wind and letting it blow away.

I am a pro-active person, not a reactive person, this means I am the person making the call and not the person receiving the calls.

I know how to call my Mother and Father, they pick up the telephone when they are home, and even have a simple answering service that they listen to and would reply if I asked.

I have a system on who I do or will do business with in the USA, this is includes friends. It is the person that answers their telephone... all other who cares?

The world of communications has missed the idea, it is not easier to call a person, it has become more complicated.

It is almost impossible to make a telephone call without lots of help, this link is great.

I click on the country I am in, and then I say what country I am calling, then I hope...

I have an operator that talks to me in the Thai language and tell me the problem, like this does me any good...

Then a person will send their telephone number and not include the area code, or the number is not separated and who can figure out the parts of the number.

My only consolation in making a phone call is that I really do not want to call anybody and will and would prefer to only talk with people that care enough to click reply on their emails and write me back. Strangely this does not mean my best friends in the USA will write me back, somehow they do not see the email as a priority.

On the other hand, I receive about 5-10 emails per day from real people who I do not reply to and this is annoying to myself. I am sure I miss or delete many who put...
In the subject line as every spammer in the world does this and I must delete or make choice how much I will work to write with people. I get tons of request for questions on the site like,
"Tell me about Thailand?"
Niger or Nigerians
"Help me get a Visa to UK?"

But all in all, I have thrown up in the air about 50 U.S. dollars and now the wind is blowing it away. I have decided, I will pay up to 30 U.S. to be able to call my family to wish them happy birthday per month.

As for the people on the planet that do not pick up their telephone ever, I will call about three times and remove...

My computer is crashing, I have everything backed up and all information is safe, however difficult to do things like write a newsletter or download photos, however I do not owe a person a newsletter, it is just something I do, as I do not owe anyone a blog report or to take photos.

Nobody owes anything to anybody except maybe respect.

I was laughing, last night I called a company in the USA about scanning books into a computer. The man said,
"What do you want?"

I thought I called Wisconsin, and the time was about 10:00 at night here in Thailand, so about 9 in the morning in Wisconsin. I was doing my best to try to call at a good time.

The voice was an "Indian Country" voice or I thought... Now I call the USA business hoping for service and a hello, good manners and such, service... hehehe.
The man was from Pakistan and helpful, however even though his manners were typical of Pakistan or India, he did what I really think a business should do, he answered the telephone.

The cost of scanning a book is about 3-5 cents U.S. per page, this does not include the OCR or Optical Character Recognition or converting to normal words and not a graphic image.

However this is now about 200 Dollars U.S. less than I first found a price, and makes the idea of scanning a guidebook reasonable.

This is the problem, I want to go to Seoul South Korea, then maybe to Japan, then to the USA, then to maybe Colombia, then to the Caribbean and all in the next two months. I need a guidebook for each country. I cannot carry 5 guidebooks, I can probably buy them here in Bangkok as Khao San Road probably has the best selection of guidebooks and travel books on the planet in one location, plus many languages.

I could send them to Wisconsin, he could scan them into a computer, send me the files and I would have the books on a computer and would weigh nothing, I only carry the computer.

I can buy a used book in Bangkok for 10 Dollars, send to the USA for 10 Dollars and he can scan for 20 dollars. I think the cost would be about 40-50 Dollars U.S. This sounds like a lot of money, however if I was not able to find a cheap hotel in some country like Japan, one night in a Hotel would save or would pay for three books.

The internet is still NO good for finding rooms. I can find the 100 dollar per night hotels easily, however only with a Lonely Planet or Roughguide, or Footprints guidebook am I able to find a cheap hotel and have a chance of finding it.