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The Islands of Philippines

2005-11-24 18:00:00

I really need to go to an Island here, when I read the guidebooks on the Philippines it has so many places to visit I have trouble moving.

This is my third time in the Philippines and I for sure need to visit and Island or Palowan or however you spell the Island. I suppose I am on the Island of Luzon for somewhere here, however a little big to be calling just and Island.

I was able to purchase a guidebook in Bangkok for five dollars and this will help me to move faster, without a guidebook of some sorts in the Philippines I feel lost.

Baracay I believe is the tourist Island and Palowan is more the cheaper primitive island, on the other hand the country really makes it hard to meander around when the only give me 21 days of Visa time. I am going to make an application quickly for an extension and hope I can do it now so I would have maybe 50 plus days.

I guess they spell the place Palawan, oh well...