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Purchased Used Cell Phone

2005-11-02 23:28:00

USED Nokia Cell Phone
- 26 U.S. Dollars - Includes: Lithium Battery, Charger, Sim Card

I purchased a used cell phone yesterday in an area of Manila called "Quipo". I am not sure of the spelling, however it is quite famous for most of the travelers here in the Friendly's Guesthouse on Adriatico in the Maleta area. Many have visited the place, it the place where you find the copies of anything, and I believe the sale of anything cheap. Nice place to buy anything and they seem to have a better "WESTERN" selection of items, it looks like they have both the Asian type items and the USA type items. The cost of what not is the same price as Thailand or cheaper.

I purchased a Nokia with a Lithium Battery
Cost was 1500 Pesos and included the Charger.
I needed to pay 100 Pesos more for the Sim Card.
Now I need to buy a charge or reload of Pesos so I can make a telephone call.

I think this is 26 U.S. Dollars for 1600 Pesos, I think the exchange rate is about 60, however I am not positive and without an internet connection right now, I cannot check.

The phone is small, light and easy to carry, however I need a hard box for my backpack so it does not get smashed when I sit on the bag. I believe it has two bands and I am not sure which ones as the venders had no idea what I was talking about.

I believe it probably one or two of these numbers, I gambled and hope it has at least two and I can purchase a second phone with the other two numbers.

850 / 900 / 1800 /1900

Benjie in the Hostel told me to go to the Nokia site and type in the model of the phone, however I have no idea of the model yet because it is not written on the case and I guess you can exchange cases.

I am sure this all seems quite naive to a person that has a cell phone, however to me trying to learn from a person that speaks Thai, German, Tagalo the language of the Philippines it is difficult. Normally I would just talk to the Radio Shack guy four times and the cell phone people in the USA, however they are not here.

I find that the purchase of Cell phone, Handy as they call in German or the Mobile Telephone as they call in most of the world is a fashion or spontaneous purchase, not really anything to do with rational behavior, they want to call someone in the country they are in and they buy a telephone. They want to be part of the gang of text people. The cleaning guy here in the Hostel knows everything about this phone, however he knows nothing about how to clean, the toilet is a disaster.

I guess my best recommendation for a Hobo priced telephone system is to buy two phone used in the two major areas of the world, I do not know them exactly, however I am sure I will discover them soon. I am hoping... or trying to hope that I can purchase prepaid time for Roaming.

Ash sent this link, I think it is very good:

I have to go check it again now that I have a telephone and understand the systems a little better. If I can refill this telephone or the SIM card I guess, for the Smart Philippines telephone system by buying time on the internet, then maybe I can roam or use the telephone number with the card in Asia. I have go to admit, this is both simple and difficult. It is simple to buy a telephone and start text messaging people here in the Philippines, however nobody know how this will work when I go to Hong Kong or Thailand. They all say yes, however nobody has really done it, they just believe it will work. I believe I need a contract with a USA company and a Philippines company to do this really well.

I have learned I need a ARC--- I hate Acronyms, Alien Registration Certificate or maybe ACR I am not sure, however there is some type of registration that you need to open a bank account or buy things on contract here. They went into a frenzy when I said, can I just pay cash for the whole 24 month period...

Oh well, life is steps, baby steps, then adult steps.

What is really funny is me learning, when I was in the USA 9 years ago, I had the state of the art cell phone in my van as I was a Real Estate Broker. It cost me 2000 USA dollars a month for two lines one for voice and the other for fax. I had a cell fax machine in my van forwarded calls from my office to the van so I could receive offers while driving. I received 100 percent of my calls anywhere in the USA and all land line phones automatically forwarded to the cell. So when I am feeling stupid about this new phone systems I know I am not, however what I am really happy about is now to get in the game it cost me 26 dollars and not 2000 dollars. Note the 2000 dollars was for me to use all the time for business, and I think in the USA I could do this same method for 200 Dollars per month.

I want the price of satellite telephones to go down to 300 Dollars to buy, then we all can throw away the cell phones and all the countries of the world will compete to sell you a satellite telephone. What a time we live in, however I am not sure the human animal is capable mentally of dealing with this much brain activity, I think is it is bad for the brain. I am amazed at how many people think I am on the computer 24/7. I am really only on the computer between 1 and 3 hours per day.

The reason why I have not sent a newsletter, it would require I am on the computer more, presently I have one of the world best internet connections in the Internet cafe here in Manila and am using this time.

I am learning I like to blog by email though, much better than cutting and pasting and much easier. The spell check in my Foxmail program is better than the Microsoft Works, however it does not have grammar check.

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