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Police Check Hotel in Hong Kong

2005-11-10 04:54:00

Police Check Hotel in Hong Kong
November 10, 2005, 4:38 AM Thursday

NOTE: Quotation Marks will not work on this Chinese Computer, I am using the -- mark to say quoted.

The Hong Kong Police just came and woke the whole Guesthouse by banging on the doors and saying.
--Police, Open the door.--

I did not open the door so they kept knocking, I kept hollering.
--Slide you identification under the door.--

They did not understand English and continued to holler,
--Police open the door.--

What a bunch of idiots and I am annoyed at everyone telling me that everyone speaks English, this is a Chinese country. Theirs English is better than all of Asia except for Singapore where the do speak English good, however if 10 police outside my door cannot understand.
--Slide you identification under the door.--

I believe that 10 police would be a fair representation of Hong Kong ability to speak English.

I started to hear multiple police type radios and knowing how real police are in any country of the world, I got dressed and started worrying about them breaking the door in. Therefore, I made a quick check of my stuff, all was locked up in the bag, chained to the table, the camera and all were locked up.

I cannot put a lock on the outside of the door; therefore, I lock my items of value up inside the room in my bag. My bag was designed by me and made by me and is ok for this, the next model will be better.

They said,
--Where are you from?--
I said,
--United States of America--

As soon as they seen my white face they stopped and backed off from the room. I proceeded to give them a lecture.
--Why is not Calvin the manager with you?--
--Why don you have identification out?--
--Why don you slide the identification under the door?--
--Why don you speak English?--

They were very polite and tried to answer the questions.
They said,
--Can you see we are police?--
I said,
--Not with my door closed.--

I think they were all more or less Chinese although one did speak good English. He wanted to know where police knocked on my door and were not police. I said, it is the best way in the world for a criminal to get someone to open the door.

However, I said,
--India, Mexico.--

The chance of me having problems is number one with the police, I am probably more afraid of being grabbed and accosted by the police than these United Nations Group of cultures here in the building.

I do have to admit, and when I asked,

--What are you looking for?--
They said,
--Illegal aliens.--

I said,
--Not more than HALF the building.--

The police are 100 percent correct in searching this building for illegal Aliens, this place is probably full of them, and however most of them probably have illegal passports. There is a world travel problem. My Japanese friend Kent in Vietnam said, when I asked why there were so many Africans in Vietnam.
--They are up to no good.--

The building has many Islamic people here and for sure in my opinion, this is the number one problem with Terrorist on the planet, Islamic people. Therefore, the police I am thankful.

Thank you Hong Police!

I am glad they are searching the building and trying to solve the problem, because for sure this building is full of both Islamic and African people, this is the border of China where one group of smugglers meets the other group of smugglers. This building is the right one to search.

Calvin said,
--The World Trade Conference is next month.--

He is an ostrich, putting his head in the sand, trying to say that there cannot be problems. The End of War has come to the planet; the day of the small guy, trying to blow up the big guy has begun.--

Anyone that feels small is trying to organize and blow up anyone they believe is big and powerful. Therefore, in some stupid aberration of Freud, they hate their Father so they blow up an Authority figure.

I like Islamic people they are normally more talkative and outgoing, so more of conversationalist however for me to deny or think when I see Islamic person, the first thought in my brain is?hmmmm

I would be lying, of course, I think this, and it is the number one suspect on the planet. I do not believe this would be a perfect place for a car bomb; they could drive the bomb right into the Holiday Inn next door or the Hilton across the street.

There is this huge Mosque down the street so this is a center for the Jihad type people and they would sit around and think?hmmm what can I destroy, easy targets is my goal. Hilton and Holiday Inn, pretty western to me.

Terrorism to me is about terror, just as the word says, and the way it works best is when we keep our mouths shut and do not say what we think, do not define or think possibly, this place could be the place, these people could be the people. However for sure the Police on the planet cause more headaches for the normal people than the terrorist.

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