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Manila Philippines

2005-11-24 17:37:00

Happy Thanksgiving to the USA.

I am in Manila, Philippines again, I wonder if that is with an S or without an S, oh well, another question to the many questions of life.

I am greatful to be here and to enjoy this great country, I am amazed always at the level of English, plus also amazed there is so few travelers. I have had a few comments saying that Singapore and Hong Kong speak good English and I am wrong about my understanding of the English in these locations.

I feel the difference is I am a person that talks with everyone, and anyone, I will sit around saying hello and how are you to the strangest people. I am from Indiana, we say hello to people. We acknowledge the existence of other people in the room. If a person from the city that is very selective in conversations or hellos would go to Singapore or Hong Kong they could easily select the persons that spoke English.

Singapore to me had a lot better English skills than Hong Kong, however for sure to me the Philippines is the best.

It really does not matter to me and obviously I go to Bangkok and the Thailand people speak the worst English possible for having 1000's of Tourist speaking English walking around. These are just observations.

I was laughing to myself as I came to the Philippines. It would be nice to talk with tourism department of the Philippines. I have never been in a country with so many great tourist attractions that does so badly in attracting them.

Oh well, a whole country to myself to enjoy.