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Macau to Hong Kong Ferry

2005-11-07 20:56:00

Macau to Hong Kong Ferry
Tuesday 5:33 AM November 8, 2005

I am in the the Sweet House Hostel or Guesthouse (10 U.S. Dollars 80 HK per bed) located in Macau near the Lisboa Casino. I will take a ferry from Macau to Hong Kong.

There is supposed to be about 25 Ferries per day so this should be easy to catch, however I thing the problems is this. I need go to Kowloon and NOT Hong Kong Island. If I get on the wrong ferry I may have to take a second ferry to Kowloon. So getting on the correct ferry here in Macau is necessary.

I am going to:

AREA: Kow Loon - Maybe Kowloon
AREA: Tsim Sha Tsui
STREET: Nathan
- HOSTELs: Chunk King Mansions - This building seems to be the Center of the Backpacker Universe for Hong Kong or Kowloon and I believe should be easy to tell a taxi or to ask for, I hope everyone knows where it is located. Note, Chinese people are stone-faced and not helpful, so you have to be very clear or have it written on paper in their language.

I need to use the

New World First Ferry
25 per day starting at 7:00 in morning.

Leaves from: Macau Ferry Terminal
Goes to: China Ferry Terminal
This terminal is on the are of Kowloon, I need to be careful I go to Kowloon or I will maybe go to Hong Kong Island and then have to take a second boat.

So this is what I do, I go out the front door of the Hostel, walk down to the street, turn left at the street, go to the main Henrieta Street and then turn left again.

I go to the bus top and wait for bus NUMBER 3 this will go or should say on the side in small letters �Macau Ferry Terminal.�

You need exact change as best I can tell. It cost 2.50 Macau Dollars or MOPS.

I am not sure how the taxis work however the owner of the Sweet House said that coming from the Airport to the Sweet House should cost about 48 Hong Kong or Macau Dollars so this is about 5 U.S. Dollars or 5 Euros. I think to go to the Ferry, or most anywhere in Macau should always cost less than 50 Hong Kong Dollars or about 5 U.S. Dollars.

The English here is terrible so you need to have a person write if possible the name of location you wish to go or a map in Chinese Language.

Ferry Cost: I believe the Ferry cost between 125 and 200 Hong Kong or Macau Dollars so about 10-20 U.S. Dollar or 10-20 Euros.

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