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Macau Macao

2005-11-07 20:56:00

I am in the area of the world called:

Macau or maybe Macao.

A piece of land controlled maybe by China or owned by China. It is next or below Hong Kong, was a Portuguese Colony. A very small place and almost only good for Gambling, hard to say what else they do, however for sure not an easy place to travel, as they speak some type of Chinese for the most part. Street signs are written on the sides of buildings and impossible to see from the bus. I do not think most of the people can read Chinese very well either as they could not read my directions to Sweet House Hostel in Chinese. Very rich place or looks rich, not sure, why anyone comes except to gamble. Now it is becoming a path for airplanes as the LCC or Low Cost Carriers of Tigerairways.com and Airasia.com fly here. Therefore, if you want to go to Hong Kong, you come to Macau and then take a boat to Hong Kong less than an hour away. The Hotel situation is bleak, only the ultra rich, except for the now I found the Sweet House which cost 10 dollars for a dorm bed and is nice, has a kitchen which is very unusual in Asia.

Macau or maybe Macao. This is confusing and annoying, however worst of all it is like saying,
"Hit me."

The world is really a fussy, obnoxious, over zealous group of people who try to find fault on any issue, they do not look for the intention they look for why we or I am wrong. I keep remembering that man who really wanted to pick a fight or provoke because I did not know the place called,

This is a city just across the border from Hong Kong, and is part of what they may call,
"Mainland China."

I guess when I say, Macau or Macao I am thinking... relax, and there are so many names for a country or a place that it is impossible to be correct, with your point of view. It started me working on my list of all the countries of the world again. The page the http://www.mosttraveledman.com has solved most of my questions and problems however there are still some really problems to solve. I am making these huge guides or web sites where I collect many things.

1. Hotels of the world.
2. Airports and Airlines of the world.
3. A guide to places to visit in the world.
4. Country data or facts of the world.

It is really difficult to define areas of the world, I am up to around 313 countries, about 672 distinct geographical areas; however, this is too much in many ways, and however I am now up to 97 distinct regions. I am not even going to start on this, however a distinct geographical may be like the State of "Indiana" in the USA, however a region is more like the "Midwest" as is called the region where Indiana is located in the USA.

I am trying my best to have some form of Universal Geographical Empathy for people, how would they choose a location or search for a location on the planet. It is really lucky for the major web sites that people of the planet do not travel or they would be in trouble. I guess estimate that there is about 35 major countries people visit and after that most are not on any A list of places to go and if a web site is only after money they really do not have to worry
The CIA - Central Intelligence Agency of the USA only deal in the CIA Factbook with:
268 - Missing about 50 Countries
United Nations:
189 - Massing about 123 Countries.

A big Hostel Site:
151 - Missing about 161 Countries.

I have not done or figured out Virtualtourist.com or Expedia.com or Orbitz.com or Travelocity.com, I would suspect that Virtualtourist.com does the best of all the larger web sites in listing out the places to visit on the planet.

However to me this is the point, most of the large web sites are not even doing half the planet, they are not even trying really, and they are just taking the cream off the top. I have had a person write me regularly about why I put Virtualtourist.com in my top 10 Travel Sites, and it is so simple, they are two things.

1. SEF - Search Engine Friendly
2. Trying to cover the planet.

I will need to see how the new
It may be

When I search in google.com for a place, Virtualtourist.com is there, they do not have much on some places, however they are there and prepared to collect information from their blog or somethings.

Travel Planet
I keep trying to travel the planet, not just the major list or just the ones people like, for that matter, most people probably only could list about 40 countries of the world. This is includes the Europeans as they really only know Europe as much as the USA only can name the States in the USA. Europe is only good at name the 42 or something countries in Europe.

To me I am not so interested in what they can do easily, I like to know they are helping to discover the planet. Many of the guidebooks and websites say how they are helping by donating to Unicef or whatever, if they really want to help the poor countries, then include them in your list, help the world to both visit, spend tourist money and to have people start business there by going there.

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