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Khao San Road Blues

2005-11-23 17:22:00

It is 6:24 AM in the morning, I just found out last night it was going to be Thanksgiving in the USA tomorrow, it was an accident to learn.

Walked to the Internet Cafe early so I could check my emails quickly and check that no very important emails need an answer. You know, Mom, friends or other...

Walking here I am thinking or feeling like I am saying goodbye today to Khao San Road, I fly to Manila, Philippines again, it feels like I am moving my regular home on Khao San Road to a new base in Manila.

I walked by a couple of girls on Khao San Road and looked closer seeing they were Boys dressed like Girls, called "Lady Boys" here and very common. Many drunks are wandering home and they may or may not have some small Thai girl attached. A few person with full backpacks probably returning very early from an all night bus trip from some island and will search for a room with little luck until checkout time of 12 noon.

Although not the best of times, is like normal times off or on Khao San Road, like the Steinbeck story of Cannery Row, all is according to your perspective. Are these people Saints or Sinners, I am not sure or really I am positive it is not important. They are both, they are the best and worst of society, they are the world.

People get confused or unrealistic when I say a negative comment about a country, the old one comment means too much to one persona and they cannot see I am here that matters. I was in Hong Kong, living in a Hotel, this says I like the place, not that I do not like the place.

Billy Joel wrote something to the effect that only the good die young, however with a twist only the bad have an interesting story.

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