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Internet Offices

2005-11-28 19:09:00

I am in Manila, Philippines, there is an Internet Cafe called Station 168 on Adriatico Street on the second floor. It is in the Malate area and across the street from the Starbucks or Malate Pension.

It is open 24 hours per day, I had a reader write me:

READERS comments:

Thanks for all the info you post.
I'm a self employed person in the U.S. with a business thats portable, so long as I have a broadband internet connection.

I've been planning to open end travel much like you do, on the cheap,, and keep moving to see as much as possible. However my strategy must be different as I need a broadband internet connection.

I can reduce to 3 days a week working, and also work only 11 out of every 13 weeks (one business quarter). The four days in each week I can branch out and explore from the base camp. During the 2 weeks free (4 times a year), I plan to move and establish another base camp. Thus always being a tourist.

I have put together a budget that supports $32 a day in expenses. Thats double what yours is because of my criteria.

Any suggestions? Is this do-able?

Once launched I will be happy to send you source material for your site.

Thanks in advance for all your great ideas.



This is becoming a very important question to me as my site get very big and I am wanting to learn things more. Travel is better when I can find information and collect information. I like to research and read information about places. Internet access is normally good or great in most of the poorer countries. Access is difficult in Europe and USA, however becoming easier with the Wifi connections.

However to travel around the world I need to find places like the Station 168 in Manila or a place that has good Wifi in my room. Now, there are business centers in the Hiltons, Sheratons and all the 5 Star Hotels, however you are not going to have freedom. You must be in a big city and who can afford to pay 100 dollars per day and travel.

I need this:
Less than 20 Dollars U.S. per night
Poor Countries need to be less than 10
A cable to my room or wifi to my room that is free 24 hours per day
Internet Cafe that is open 24 hours per day and less than one dollar per hour.
Broadband or something fast enough is needed.

I am collecting on a page places that are prospective locations. I need to keep earmarking the locations. Some of you are going to point out Wifi connections. Although this is nice, mostly they do not provice and acceptable place to work that cost nothing. A Starbucks cup of coffee cost too much and lets be real, not the best place to work. Good to look at women, however to actually get work or research done, not the place.

I am collecting links on this page or blog:

I know about three places on the planet:
One in Manila
One in Taipei, Taiwan - Taiwanmex Hostel

Many Hostels in Europe advertise this, however I do not know one that actually gave this to me, the walls are concrete, it does not work, it is down, nothing is up to snuff. In the USA you can find Wifi Connections. My solution for the USA is to have a motorhome.

What Eric wishes to do is do-able.
32 Dollars per day is high to me, however I pay this.
2 Dollars per day for internet
No more than 10 Dollars per night for hotel.

The operative thing here is a person has to jump from one "Internet Office" to the next. The idea of a base camp is perfect than move to the next base camp.

I know that many readers think they have the place, however they sometimes think too high on prices. 5 Dollars is one days pay on the planet, I am not going to live in Ecuador and pay 5 dollars per hour for Internet Access.

I posted his comment because there are people that have the money coming in and the portable ability to travel. There needs to be a way to really find these places. I am not going to go there until I get some form of real comment or review. I know all the Hotels and Hostel lie. Trust me I look for Wifi Connections in the Hotel.