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I Dream of Research

2005-11-10 05:00:00

I Dream of Research
November 10, 2005, 5:20 AM Thursday

I dream of research, I dream of being totally organized, of being able to collect information on anything and any subject easily. However, to me the problem with information is to categorize quickly and efficiently. However for sure I strive or dream of doing this properly. I think people like James Michener or Tom Clancy are my heroes they compile or in the case of James Michener who is dead I believe, they collect piles of information and made them into novels. How a person like James Michener did this without a computer is amazing to me, now Tom has a computer and I would guess very good on a computer.

However the process of
- Collection of sources..
- Collection of data

This is becoming easier for me.
Now the compilation or digesting of information is the challenge. I suppose the tearing apart of the data collected and then itemizing and explaining, or categorizing the concepts is the problem.