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Guidebook to Philippines

2005-11-05 18:03:00

I am thinking a lot about trying to write an online guidebook, that you could print and use offline for a country. The Philippines would be a great start, because there is no good guides I know of for this country. The country is perfect, however the guides concentrate on you knowing the country and not on easy landmarks.

Maleta: Pan Pacific Hotel
Angeles City: Fields Avenue.
Makati: Burgos Street

There is always a landmark for the taxis to take you to and you can work your way around from there. There is plenty of buses and easy to travel many places, however they try to tell you too much and all you need is to leave.

I am not sure what to do, however it is shame the Philippine people make this country so difficult, and the rest of Southeast Asia they make so easy. The scammers and cheats do not help, they do make life confusing as the taxis or the people are always making a decision whether they can get you or not. However anyway you do it, it is only one-tenth the amount they get you in Europe, so the value is great.

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