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Cell Phone Cards in Hong Kong

2005-11-08 20:00:00

I am sure some of you think I am incredibly stupid about these cell phones. However empathize with your grandmother or grandfather who wants to call their Nieces and Nephews from the other side of the planet.

There presently is very few call centers, only if they pay 100 dollars a night to stay in the Hilton can life be easy. I really can figure this out very fast, however trying to be the devils advocate for research is fun. I am trying to smell or feel the systems that will really work everywhere.

Note, they all lie, none are anywhere, there is so many problems with these advertisements that say worldwide coverage it is ridiculous

Here in the Chunk King Mansions in the Kowloon are of Hong Kong there are people from everywhere. Therefore they sell cards for everywhere.

I tried to ask the vender this morning because he spoke good English, however not good enough to answer why...
"Why do I need a card for every country or location?"

I can buy a card the Philippines like the Cell Phone I have, however what does that mean, I roam at 10 times the normal cost.

Click on this and the photo gets bigger... Mom.

Still huge problems with I cannot send this automatically to readers, therefore my family and those non-technical people are not disconnected. I am going to have to figure out how to connect my Mom and Dad up on an RSS or Atom aggregater, like that is simple.. Crap, not easy for them.

Empathy with people is non-existent, who wants to say,
"I do not know how to use my cell phone."
"I cannot read this newsletter."

You got every 10 year old child doing this... note they are surround by 10 year old children helping. A grownup or your grandfather or grandmother is probably home alone. Confused, frustrated and thinking, this is a systems designed by the inmates of the Asylum.