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Bangkok Photos

2005-11-13 04:13:00

Bangkok Photos

This is a typical street vender in Thailand, they carry on a long flat stick two sets of food, then set down and proceed to cook or serve food. This is not a normal food for the tourist or travelers to eat here, most a Thailand custom and not for foreigners.

Ooops… This is photo of FISH hanging in plastic bags on a few sticks. This was taken from the Travellers Hostel in the Chung King Mansions in Hong Kong. I just took the photos from the window, not a great thing to have fish drying or smelling the place up.

Six movies today are being shown at a local restaurant just off or behind the Wat or Temple near Khao San Road. A copy of a movie sells for 100 Baht or about 2.5 U.S. Dollars. You can what almost any of the newer movies, and they are still in the movie theatres however they have already reached Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Strangely, this is steel scaffolding in Thailand while in Hong Kong in the Kowloon area they used Bamboo tied together with that plastic banding used for shipping boxes. Here they are using steel band.

I have to walk around and as I buy something, I know where the trash bins are located in the Khao San Road area. I know almost all, and even thought about making a fun map of them just for kicks. However, here is the location where they was in the past a trash bin. I am losing my desire to put trash in the bin as most countries just do nothing to help, and the Western person will often carry this trash for a long distance looking for a location, while a Thai person just will throw on the ground without guilt.

It has been raining torrents here every day and this is a photo of me trying my best to show how hard it is raining. I always carry a short umbrella in my bag.

This girl is selling chicken on a stick for 10 Baht, which is about 25 cents USA; I have to say this is some of the best chicken I have found. Marinated in something and cooked or charcoal not all the chicken taste, as this, this girl is located on the corner behind the Wat or Buddhist Temple.

They were carving up this big fruit or plant on the street, I am not sure what it is or the name.