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Andy Blog Problems

2005-11-23 17:54:00

I have for the last couple of years had the systems send the postings from the blog to the system. Then the system would send the blog automatically to the subscribers.


I cannot figure out how to make it work again, I think Yahoo in their great whatever has just stopped it from working. I could speculate for days on this, however anyone that had been getting the blog from the system is now thinking....

Andy is not writing.
Andy has un-subscribed me.
Andy is not to be heard from.

Note, I never unsubscribe or even have time to play with this list, I just let it work, I ONLY un-subscribe those who write with lot of profanity to me and call me names.

We are going to use a NEW system, made by boy Genious Andrew soon from India, however he is till muling around, I hope to have done soon..

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