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Andy HoboTraveler.com Blog Problems

I have for the last couple of years had the bloggler.com systems send the postings from the blog to the Yahoogroups.com system. Then the Yahoogroups.com system would send the blog automatically to the subscribers.


I cannot figure out how to make it work again, I think Yahoo in their great whatever has just stopped it from working. I could speculate for days on this, however anyone that had been getting the blog from the Yahoogroups.com system is now thinking....

Andy is not writing.
Andy has un-subscribed me.
Andy is not to be heard from.

Note, I never unsubscribe or even have time to play with this list, I just let it work, I ONLY un-subscribe those who write with lot of profanity to me and call me names.

We are going to use a NEW system, made by boy Genious Andrew soon from India, however he is till muling around, I hope to have done soon..

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I am sending this by cutting and pasting to the posting area of YahooGroups.com