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AirAsia.com Macau to Bangkok Flight

2005-11-07 21:57:00

I have purchased a air ticket online from Macau to Bangkok, after all the noise is done and I take the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, then go to the Airport, I will pay

925 for Flight from Macau to Bangkok with Airasia.com
130 for Ferry from Kowloon / Hong Kong to Macau
10 in Exit Tax of Hong Kong.
10 for But to Airport
10 for MTR or Subway... Maybe

1075 more or less MOPS or Macau Dollars.

Go convert with my toy.

136.927 US Dollar to get to Bangkok, 5 dollars U.S. more and I am on Khao San Road.

Airasia.com so far has not sent an email, however they gave a confirmation page.

I am in the Chung King Mansion in the Travellers Hostels on the 16th floor, they have internet and a printer, I may have saved money for sure if I would have purchased in Philippines or Macau and NOT three days before I leave, but I like to have freedom. The Sweet House has a printer and computer and would have saved me one day if I would have tried harder to use.

Macao to Bangkok flight or air ticket with Airasia.com

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