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2005-10-15 15:34:00

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Sunday October 16, 2005, 3:13 AM

I think this little guy is working against me, he is really irritating me, and makes many internet cafes worthless of highly junk.

There are programs that are now standard on a computer and if you go into the one in a hundred that is really good they will have set of many programs on the computer ready to use.

1. Hotmail Messenger
2. Yahoo Messenger
3. Adobe PDF reader
4. Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

I want to use some of these and try to download onto the computer, then I get it set up and when I come back to the computer the program is missing or gone. I think it is little guy. I am not annoyed at the guy, I am annoyed at the internet caf้ that cannot seem to do the minimums provide the normal programs and set ups, configurations and all standard.

Making money is easy, make the same things, give a person all the ask for and repeat this. I am under the impression that a restaurant is the easiest business on the planet. Find some foods that people like to eat, put them on the menu and never change them. People will come back over and over and never stop coming until you remove their favorite foods. An internet caf้ is the same, give them all the stuff people want and they will return every day. There is probably 100 places to use the internet in the Khao San Road area and only two are systematic or even close. Of course this is Thailand and people do not speak English good. However for sure the internet cafes are 10 times better than the too clever Germans or Americans who only make it impossible to use and give you nothing, making sure you cannot use the computers for all the virus, stop this and stop that systems, Guaranteed to make a computer of no value.