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Travel Warnings by Andy HoboTraveler.com

2005-10-27 17:47:00

I believe I have a solution for people...
They do not know they need!

People need to know or be warned of Danger or Problems.

They need to know:

1. Before they travel.
2. While they are traveling.
3. When you leave you home or house.

There are problems, natural disasters.
Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Terrorist Attacks and many types of serious
problems on the planet.

When a person travels they do not watch TV, read the paper, etc.
They are not aware of dangers.

However to know how to monitor and track all the possible problems
on the planet is a task. I receive travel warning from the governments of
USA. England, and Canada presently.

I also receive News Updates from CNN and BBC plus various Warnings
from the USA government on problems in countries.

The list keeps growing.
THIS is the problem.

I need to discover danger and keep aware, I go to some dangerous places.
Iraq, Colombia, etc.

I have a one stop shopping warning system, where you can read online.
news feeds like XLM or you can subscribe by email.

This hopefully will stay updated and I hope to ensnare, trap or convince a couple
of people on the planet to help.... hehehe (Super Surfers)

Here is a link:
You can subscribe, get a feed or bookmark.
I will update frequently.

Thank You from

Andy of HoboTraveler.com

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