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The Price of a Nice Hotel Room

2005-10-25 23:24:00

I am learning slowly what makes a nice Hotel room, it is not always the responsibility of the Hotel to provide all the services.

I personally will do about anything to find a Hotel or Hostel with private rooms and a Guest Kitchen where I can cook and eat the type of foods I cook myself. Then it really makes me happy where there is a nice comfortable common area with some people sitting around watching TV and talking.

However I am slowly learning...
If I want this, I am not going to get the FIVE Star treatment.

I am laughing as I have been having fun in the Hostel here in Manila, they have these two macho like boys or young men that are the reception or watch the place. They are probability the worst person in the world to clean a bathroom or shower.

In fact, I think they cannot do a worst job.

So the way I have been having fun is by buying cleaning supplies and a couple of brushes. I like AJAX or them really great powders that scour or grind away any type of filth. So I bought the local solutions here and a handle brush.

They left the scouring powder and nabbed the brush.

Today I bought a toilet brush with the little holder in a light blue color.

What I have learned?

You are not going to get a clean, wonderful place for 5 dollars, and you can almost forget it, they just do not clean up to Western Standards. So I am learning, if I just pay about 1 dollar per day out of my own money, I can purchase the cleaning supplies and help.

It make me feel good to live in a clean place.
However I will not pay 100 dollars for that.
I like where I live, their idea of clean is typical probably for the Philippines.