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The Beauty of Thailand

2005-10-07 20:37:00

The Beauty of Thailand

There is always a subtle beauty to a country, which I often find difficult to find when I am in a tourist area. Each day, month, and year I become more committed to the possible truth that three major travels exist:

1. Travel Destinations created, managed and an illusion perpetrated by the travel industry at all levels both Government and Private all in an effort to make more money. Travel is a business first and a destination second for a country or a travel agent. They will create and serve up what the tourist dreams they will see, and not what may be reality.

2. Traveler or Tourist Culture:
There is a globalization of tourist, they are all eating pizza, and they are all buying souvenirs made in China. There is the same music, the same tourist menus, and the same T-shirts. Fashions such as the fishermen pants of Thailand and the Longie worn in India are now being sold and being worn in the whole Asian world, and invading the rest of the world.

There is the same overall services and sadly products, souvenirs etc. being provided for the planet. The idea of the same Hilton or Sheraton has now extended down to the backpacker.

3. The Intrinsic Beauty of the culture and the location. This still exist however for a person to leave the recommendations of the guidebooks, the government and to encounter the world that does create this idea of open-mindedness is here.

The Internet and the Cell Telephone has stopped a person from leaving home, they now bring home with them. They do not meet new cultures and people; they meet them still in the social constraints and pressure of their home.

A fresh perspective is not experienced, a new experience and a new explanation is not created. An experience is now created where they must run across their friends at home, the every present traveler next to you and ask the question.

Is this cool? Or Not? This is the new tourism, is it cool? The days of Mark Twain or Marco Polo, or Darwin are gone, now the place needs to be trendy. A classic example of beauty going out of fashion is Acapulco, Mexico, still one of the most beautiful places on the planet, however now the tourist industry has made Cancun the place of choice.

There is a childlike beauty of Thailand; there is this playfulness in Thai people. The do not like to work and the way they treat a person in a service industry to me is a sign of how they disdain the new work world. Their world of sitting around talking with their friends has changed. However, you can see they would rather play. I passed a girl that sold shirts, she was singing, however when I started to ask her about a T-shirt she became depressed and sullen.

A good example of the lay around culture of the Tropics, contrary to any culture crap the world could propose, the people in the warmer band of the world called the Tropics do not work very hard. The idea of laying around in a posture such as this normal, thus the statue. Life is easy when you do not freeze to death.

Tea or Coffee

There is a strong China custom to drink tea and to have a thermos ready in the morning for tea. There is this new product or something I have never noticed until recently. This bottle is being carried by Asian Travelers and inside is a filter that allows them to pour hot water on top of the tea and make drink. I am not very positive on how this works, still trying to find a person that speaks good enough English to explain.