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Text Message Capital of World

2005-10-30 21:43:00

I just had a person tell me that the Philippines is the text message capital of the world.

This means or is talking about the ability of a person to write and send a written message over a CELL or Mobile Telephone to another person. People do this because here in the Philippines it is only one Peso per message or maybe about 2 cents U.S. per message. Very cheap way to walk around the Mall here and never stop playing with the telephone. It is so common here you can see as much as 25 percent of the people in the mall walking around with a cell telephone in their hands.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to me because...

1. I want a cell phone that I can use anywhere on the planet.

2. I need a contract.

3. I want cheap monthly fees, because really, I do not want a phone.

4. Cheap Roaming cost.

I want a phone so I can blog or access the internet through the telephone and upload or download emails when I go on a Camel Ride in the Sahara or some Jungle in the Amazon, and surprisingly there is Cell phone access on most of the planet. Plus in Europe to get a reservations to make my life in Europe less torture, and easier to visit.

However I need two things.

1. Cheap monthly contract.

2. Able to pay over the internet.

So many people live outside of the Philippines and write text message back or work outside there is a big market for this, the same with Western Union. There is a Western Union everywhere here so people can send money back to the Philippines. It is like El Salvador, more people sending money than people earning money. I am just interested in cheap contract price and cheap per call roaming cost.

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