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Slow in Bangkok

2005-10-14 21:42:00

Slow in Bangkok
Friday October 14, 2005, 7:37 AM

I am going slow in Bangkok, trying to clear up what I call the gobblygoop factor in my brain. This is when the brain has inserted too much stimulation and needs time to categorize all the thoughts until it reaches clarity.

Slow is an interesting world in Bangkok, because as a person wonders around Bangkok you are able to see or encounter many accidental stories. If I look slowly at what is passing me or what is sitting around looking I can see that Bangkok is only for the world of crazy people. This is the perfect world for a person to write a book about lost love, desperation, and search for sanity in a world with no explanations. Give it an overlay of the Vietnam war or a man running away from Love where he or she skips from one confusing continent to another confusing continent and ends up in Bangkok. Of course the person would need to dream of good times in Paris or England, like a Casablanca movie.

Most of the travelers that come and stay a short while in Bangkok have no story and no future. However this makes them interesting, they are not going to tell you some clear path like,
“I am in University studying to be Lawyer, I will graduate in one year and find a Flat in London.”

You are more likely to hear,
“I took off a year before UNI and went to India stayed in an Ashram where I did not talk for 10 days.”

There are dead end in conversations and some I just cannot be bothered to follow. One man stopped me and asked me for Legal advice on how to divorce his wife; she is from Israel, living in England while he is from England and now is in Bangkok. If he divorces her, she will have to leave the country. I gave him a few bottom lines, he want to end it early; however, what he wants is to stop thinking. Thailand is a great place, nobody really thinks here and when you do, you can say anything because nobody will think you crazy, because they have the same story.

I needed time to buy things, time to collect small things that make my home more comfortable. I purchased a new computer bag that is a top loader or end loader, it is also a backpack. I can place on my back in the airport for more comfort in walking. I think all long-term travelers need a computer bag to carry on the plane; a computer bag is like a woman purse, they will not stop you for having a computer bag. It is like the purse for men, a way to carry more than you fair share on to the plane. If you have you carryon and a small backpack they will not like this, however you 14 x 9 x 22 carryon and then a computer bag and life is easy. Get a bag that says Duty-Free on it and you can carry a big plastic bag also.

I also have been catching up on small things, slurpees from 7-11, a few extra books, a guidebook here and there, Q-tips and small items. All of these items could be purchased in Wal-Mart in one hour; however, in Thailand it will take 2-4 days of looking around, they hide all these small items all over the city. I come to Bangkok because it is easier here than most cities on the planet.

There are many tourist travelers buying many souvenirs, these items are changing. They have started to sell the India or Nepal souvenir T-shirts that says,
“Free Tibet”

There is an “Anarchy” T-shirt that has now spread through Thailand souvenirs, I had to purchase a couple “Same Same but Different” T-shirts.

Most of the souvenirs have nothing to do with Thailand other than the person saw the items in Thailand and they will forever remind them of Thailand. Sadly, the products will now forever be stamped on the Thai culture as something of or from Thailand.

Mass Produced.
What is interesting about culture is any product that is mass-produced in a factory, anything that has packaging, probably did not exist 100 years ago. I would have loved to be a traveler 100 years ago before they started to mass produce culture.

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