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Singapore Hostel

2005-10-19 04:43:00

I am in the Summer Tavern Hostel in Singapore, as best I can tell I am in the middle or very close to the high end or Five Star Tourist Bubble. I think even the 7-11 is expensive.

There is a canal and a bridge and many very tall building, I would put a photo on right now, however the too clever computer is keeping me from doing anything but type. The internet is free so that is good.

I walked into the Tourist Bubble across the bridge the first 6 times because it is beautiful, however about one hour ago I walked away. I actually felt like I left the stainless steel fridge I was in and saw real people. Shopping is what I think tourist do in Singapore as it is like shopping in Chicago with India, Chinese and I suppose Singapore people, however they are not obvious.

AWAY from the tourist bubble I found smaller more historical building and a flavor that does not feel like stainless steel or maybe sitting on the table with that small gown at the doctors office.

I like culture, stainless steel is not my type of culture. Colonial type would so, Mubai was more interesting.

I am thinking about moving, the only reason I stayed in the Hostel is my friend Steve a sort of Internet expert however the worlds most disorganized person knew where this was, therefore when he came to meet me he was only one hour late and not one day because he came to a place he knows.

It is number one in the Hostelworld.com, I saw this and I know, this means I will not like the place.

The Hostel is clean, simple, nice, no kitchen and no TV, I guess it has a TV, however it is one those you would have fight with over the Staff. This India and Chinese boys rule the place. Everyone is nice I am still waiting to leave as everyone in the Hostel is doing the same.

I got this gut feeling there is at least one home type Hostel or better Cultural experience than this.

I will sit on this cold sheet of paper on the edge of the doctors table... and wait for the doctor.

AAAGH the Owner is from Jordan and I am listening to the Islamic Prayers, 20 percent of the time the prayers are beautiful and nice and the other times they are offensive. Like we have anyway to escape with the invention of loud speakers.

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